Elon Musk’s X company develops YouTube-like TV software

by / ⠀News / March 27, 2024
"Musk's Software"

App analyst, Nima Owji, has discovered that Elon Musk’s company, X, is reportedly developing a TV software similar to YouTube. The software promises video-sharing options, providing a place for creators to share their unique content. However, more precise details about the project remain unknown.

The software’s initial display showcases a login screen assisting users to connect their TVs and X accounts using a single-use code. Users are led to a main page offering various video content sections, including top-rated shows, documentaries, and feature films. The software also includes personalized recommendations based on users’ viewing habits.

Aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, the software presents diverse content, transforming how users interact with their favorite media. Offering a host of categories and unique features such as a ‘Watch Later’ option, a discovery tab, and an area for useruploaded content.

This layout also extends to enabling push notifications for preferred channels, a history tracker, and an interactive comment section. The software also promises a “Video Quality Adjuster”, for user-determined playback quality, enhancing the browsing experience and encouraging user engagement.

The design of the X TV application mirrors modern aesthetics, matching YouTube’s TV layout.

Exploring X company’s YouTube-like TV software

A recognizable magnifying glass icon symbolizes searchable functions, as seen on YouTube. Additionally, the software allows users to follow certain accounts and receive notifications of new uploads, promising a user-friendly interface.

Based on Owji’s evaluation, the software, although not yet released, appears almost complete with full functionality. Some aspects of the software bear a resemblance to the Vine platform, attracting many Vine users. The potential availability on Amazon and Samsung smart TVs further magnifies the appeal of this application.

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While there is no confirmation of the launch date, the X TV application is attracting interest. Its success in the highly competitive digital landscape remains uncertain. The platform must cater to sophisticated audiences searching for unique, high-quality content, presenting a challenge to X’s innovation, adaptability, and resilience.

The reliance on user-generated content may need to combine with professionally produced content. X’s new venture’s ultimate outcome, and the answers to the raised questions, will unfold in time.

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