Empowering Merchants: WooCommerce and TikTok Join Forces in Direct Marketing

by / ⠀Featured News / July 24, 2023
Empowering Merchants: WooCommerce and TikTok Join Forces in Direct Marketing

In a groundbreaking move, WooCommerce and TikTok have joined forces to offer an exceptional opportunity to all WooCommerce store owners in the United States. The new partnership introduces a cutting-edge program that enables merchants to directly engage with TikTok users through a dedicated TikTok Shop. This innovative initiative, currently in the Beta phase, grants merchants access to an impressive audience of over 150 million users, among whom 61% actively participate in e-commerce activities.

A New Era of E-commerce on TikTok

Contrary to popular perception, TikTok is more than just a video-sharing platform. It has rapidly evolved into a highly consumer-oriented marketplace. Surprising statistics reveal that 1 in 4 TikTok users utilize the platform for product research or make purchases after watching TikTok content. This trend is largely fueled by influencers with substantial followings, who frequently publish product reviews and recommendations on TikTok.

Fashion, makeup, sports activities, and other retail-related topics find a prominent place on TikTok, where users seek inspiration and stay updated on the latest trends. TikTok Insights statistics are impressive, indicating that the TikTok community is 1.5 times more willing to make purchases based on content discovered on the platform. An astonishing 95% of TikTok users emphasize the importance of finance-related topics, while 92% take immediate action after watching TikTok videos. Furthermore, the platform plays a crucial role in influencing back-to-school shopping decisions, cited by 81% of TikTok users. It comes as no surprise that Gen X TikTok users attribute the discovery of new products to the platform. Interestingly, 37% of users even make immediate purchases based on TikTok content, while 38% have successfully convinced their friends or family members to buy products discovered on the platform.

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A Pioneering Partnership with Unlimited Potential

The collaboration between WooCommerce and TikTok goes beyond their existing relationship, which includes the TikTok for WooCommerce ad platform plugin launched in 2022 and the more recent support for TikTok SPCs (Smart Performance Campaigns). The new endeavor, TikTok Shop, enables merchants to extend their product reach by offering their entire inventories directly to consumers on the platform.

The various options to showcase products on TikTok include in-feed videos, engaging livestreams, and a dedicated product showcase tab on the merchant profile pages. Merchants are empowered to explore these dynamic avenues to maximize their reach and tap into the vast audience on TikTok.

Anticipated Top-selling Products on TikTok

When it comes to the kinds of products that are anticipated to do well on TikTok, Steve Deckert, VP of Business Development at WooCommerce, highlights the immense popularity of the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag, with over 60 billion views. This viral hashtag provides valuable insights into the products that are currently generating buzz and gaining traction on the platform. The anticipated top-selling products span a diverse range, including fashion, beauty, and skincare products, fitness and wellness items, gaming and tech goods, and unique home organization and decor solutions. Additionally, food and beverage products are expected to thrive, driven by TikTok’s influence in shaping culinary trends and consumer preferences.

Seizing the Opportunity: Sign Up for WooCommerce TikTok Shops

The TikTok Shop is currently in Beta and exclusively available to WooCommerce merchants in the United States. The Beta phase signifies a crucial development stage when the product is complete, with all features fully functional. Early access to the TikTok Shop during this phase provides a remarkable opportunity for WooCommerce merchants to gain a competitive edge and tap into the immense sales potential offered by TikTok. Be among the first to unlock this groundbreaking sales channel, streamlining the purchasing process for your customers and promoting your products to the massive pool of over 150 million monthly active US TikTok users.

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1. How can merchants participate in the TikTok Shop program?

WooCommerce merchants in the United States can participate in the TikTok Shop program during the Beta phase. Simply sign up and explore the fully functional service to access an extraordinary audience and drive sales through TikTok.

2. Are there any limitations on the number of products merchants can add to the TikTok Shop?

No, there are not any limits to the number of products that merchants can add to the TikTok Shop inventory. Merchants have the flexibility to include their entire inventories.

3. How does TikTok Shop benefit merchants?

TikTok Shop provides a unique opportunity for WooCommerce merchants to directly sell their products to the vast TikTok audience, which exceeds 150 million users. Early adoption of this innovative program can lead to a significant increase in sales and brand exposure.

4. Can merchants track the performance of their products on TikTok?

Yes, merchants will have access to performance insights and analytics for their products on TikTok, enabling them to track engagement, conversions, and overall product visibility.

5. Is TikTok Shop limited to specific product categories?

No, TikTok Shop caters to a wide range of product categories. Fashion, beauty, skincare, fitness, wellness, gaming, tech goods, home organization, decor solutions, food, and beverage products are all anticipated to do well on the platform.

6. How can merchants ensure the security of their product data on TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop emphasizes robust cybersecurity and insider threat safeguards to protect merchants’ private model data, ensuring the secure handling of sensitive information.

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7. Will there be additional features added to TikTok Shop in the future?

As the TikTok Shop program evolves, it is likely that new features and capabilities will be introduced to enhance the overall shopping experience for both merchants and consumers.

8. Can merchants outside the United States participate in TikTok Shop?

Currently, the TikTok Shop program is available exclusively to WooCommerce merchants in the United States. However, TikTok may expand its services to other regions in the future.


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