Family Business Insights: An Indispensable Weekend Viewing

by / ⠀News / February 28, 2024
"Indispensable Family"

“Start-Up Success: a Family 2 Family Special” graced your screens on Sunday, February 22, 2024, at 11:15 am EST, constituting an episode packed with insights and indispensable advice regarding the commencement of a family business. You can still access this special.

A pantheon of proficient experts will be in the house to impart tips, share success stories of entrepreneurs, and field viewer queries. Ensure you attend the rerun on Tuesday if you missed the primary airing.

Featuring heartening business narratives from Georgian entrepreneurs, you should anticipate gaining a profound understanding of the local start-up world. The episode dissects the entrepreneurs’ innovative business models, the trials they overcame, and the solutions they invented, with no segmentation through headers.

This episode promises to showcase Georgian entrepreneurs’ resilience, creativity, and determination, highlighting start-up culture’s ability to revolutionize lives and communities.

Furthermore, the account details their strategies to surmount obstacles, serving as a guiding light to aspiring entrepreneurs. Notably, it focuses on the entrepreneurs’ strategic approach, risk-taking, and unwavering perseverance.

The episode will cover businesses such as Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs, Derrick Hayes and Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks, Jordan St. Louis and Generalized Robotics, KSU Shore Entrepreneurship Center, Simplicity Beverage Company, Six Degrees Marketing, and Start-Up Success.

Get an exclusive look into the operations of a diverse range of businesses, such as the revolutionary tech ideas by Jordan St. Louis at Generalized Robotics, Derrick Hayes’s gastronomic Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks, and the nurturing KSU Shore Entrepreneurship Center.

Your hosts for this enlightening journey will be Fred Blankenship and Karyn Greer, and the channel options include WSB-TV Channel 2 or the live stream on WSB Now.

Championing a heritage of diversity, innovation, and balanced reportage for over seven decades, WSB-TV Channel 2 is recognized as North Georgia’s definitive news source. Embark on this promising journey toward entrepreneurial success on February 22, 2024.

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