Family Discount Furniture opens new store in Tampa

by / ⠀News / April 15, 2024
Tampa Furniture Store

Family Discount Furniture, a flourishing family-run business from Newark, New Jersey, has expanded its horizons with a new store at University Mall in Tampa, ironically replacing the former Dillard’s Department store.

This move signifies the company’s growth and commitment to catering to a diverse clientele base in Florida. The store, exhibiting a broad array of furniture styles, launched last week and has promised unique offers and discounts specific to the Tampa community.

The company’s arrival at University Mall has marked a notable increase in foot traffic, leading to a potential economic boost and rejuvenation of the mall’s atmosphere—a favorable prospect for the remaining tenants expecting a consequent growth in patronage.

Family Discount Furniture’s investment in Tampa suggests its understanding of the promising market and its growth potential. The commitment demonstrates not only its vision of persistently providing quality furniture at low prices but also its keen eye for potential expansion.

The business, spearheaded by Yousef Hamad, has seen a resurgence of customer interest. The promising start can be attributed to the focused leadership of Yousef Hamad, whose strategies have breathed new life into the enterprise’s vision.

Despite initial fears about managing such a big venture, meticulous planning and thorough research of Tampa’s growing market led the family to go ahead with this project, showing unwavering commitment and determination.

The spacious 150,000-square-foot University Mall was the perfect location, taking Dillard’s Department store’s place.

Expanding Family Discount Furniture invigorates Tampa

The move turned out to be beneficial for both the mall itself and the accessibility of the furniture store for a more extensive customer base.

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Family Discount Furniture has revitalized the mall, attracting customers to other businesses and inspiring the initiation of other family-run businesses. Their success story has sparked optimism among potential entrepreneurs.

Within their first year in Tampa, the Hamads, with the support of their loyal customers, inaugurated two additional locations—one operating in the erstwhile Dillards store in University Mall and the other in downtown Tampa. The feedback for their customer service has been positive, and they continue to witness a steady growth in customers, suggesting their valued presence in the Tampa community. Therefore, further expansion is being considered.

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