Five Websites Young Founders Need to Use

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five websites young entrepreneurs need to use

The Internet has become a bigger and bigger part of our lives. Everything these days seems to relate to online content, computers, and social media. For the younger generation, it is their lives. They love being online and seeing the entire world at the tips of their fingers. For entrepreneurs who are Gen Z, there are websites young founders need to use to understand and follow business trends and tips.

There is so much more out there about business than there has been in the last decade. Much of the online content out there regarding business is usually one of success. That is where there is now a crowd of young entrepreneurs ready to go out into the world. And so, more websites are gearing toward business opportunities including websites that have tools for entrepreneurship.

In order to be a good entrepreneur, one needs to have certain skills to achieve their goals. Computer skills are important so be sure that you know what you are doing with these websites when interacting with them. But, it is important to understand that these websites require skills when operating them. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five websites that every young founder needs to use.


Probably the most obvious one on the entire list. Entrepreneur is an online magazine for entrepreneurs. It has been recommended for how well it lives up to its name. The website provides many tips, tricks, and tools that all relate to the world of business for founders. It is organized to help one understand the various aspects of business such as finance, leadership, and growth. Entrepreneur also has a section that assists entrepreneurs that represent all types of people such as children, women, and many more.

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Ben’s Blog

This website is by Ben Horowitz. If that name is not familiar to you, Ben Horowitz is an American businessman who also invests. Plus, he is an author and a blogger. He helped co-found the venture capital firm known as Andreessen Horowitz. Ben’s Blog, is a great website that any young founder would want to use. What’s great about it is that it teaches startup founders how to be effective in handling their teams and what to do to become a better leader. It is an easy-to-use and organized website that showcases Ben’s no-nonsense writing. The site itself even has rap music that helps make his ideas pop out to anyone on his blog.

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is an author and motivational speaker. She is also an expert in both marketing and in lifestyle, thus she created her website, Marie Forleo. Her website is catered more toward women who are entrepreneurs, but it does have lots of fantastic advice regarding the value of living. She also gives tips on starting up your own successful business. Much of her website contains videos of her speaking her motivational wisdom or from interviews. She has a fantastic personality that makes you get sucked into her world.

You probably have heard of TEDTalks. This website is also a great place to check out. offers multiple videos that last about 15 minutes. But, these videos have all sorts of topics such as technology, education, life, environment, politics, and so much more. These videos are extremely educational and informative. It is a place of discussion. So, if you enjoy the TEDTalks then, this is the place to be for any young founder.

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KISSmetrics is a well-thoughtout blog that has everything on marketing and analysis. As a young founder, you need the skills to understand marketing. So, if a founder doesn’t have those skills yet, then this website is for them. You see, this blog is up to date so you never miss any of the latest news. It also covers various topics that help you understand the consumer base and how to retain them. What’s nice about this website is that it is easy to read it makes anyone able to understand. Even a person who has no idea what an entrepreneur is can understand this website.


There are of course hundreds of other websites out there that could be used. But, we’d be here all day for that. Instead, just focus on these five websites young founders need to use for now. These are both well-known and on the lesser side, but the websites still offer the important tools that a young founder needs in order to succeed in business.

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