Florida man’s erratic actions disrupt local community

by / ⠀News / May 22, 2024
"Erratic Florida Man"

Michael Bomber, a 69-year-old man from Lake County, Florida, has been causing consistent upheaval in his community. Over a span of three days, Bomber’s erratic behavior escalated from trespassing to allegedly assaulting a police officer.

The trouble started on May 15 with Bomber reportedly displaying threatening and erratic behavior towards the staff of the Holiday Inn Express hotel in Tavares. After he returned to the location within two hours of receiving a trespass warning, he was arrested.

Upon release on bond, Bomber continued his disruptive behavior. Two days later at Japan Express, a local restaurant, he falsely claimed to be having a cardiac event after consuming a large amount of sake. Medical personnel found no evidence of a cardiac event, and Bomber was removed from the scene due to his intoxicated state.

The next day, Bomber was arrested again for shoplifting at a local grocery store.

Erratic Florida man causes local disturbance

Surveillance footage showed him pocketing items, leading to charges of petty theft. This string of offenses has raised concerns about public safety and Bomber’s state of mind within the community.

When confronted by law enforcement at Japan Express, Bomber became hostile. However, despite his intimidation tactics, officers maintained their professionalism, keeping those present safe and apprehending Bomber. In the wake of these repeated incidents, the restaurant is considering increased security measures.

Despite previous arrests, Bomber returned to Japan Express the next day, escalating to the point of physically attacking the responding officer. Backup was swift to arrive, and Bomber was quickly taken into custody before any further harm could occur.

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Sub-confirming the assault, the Tavares police department re-arrested Bomber, now held in Lake County Jail on a $6,000 bond. Despite these repeated incidents, the manager of Japan Express remains confident in her ability to protect herself and her business from further harm.

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