5 Things to Build a Great Company Culture

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Need help growing and cultivating a great company culture? Most managers do! Here are some things to keep in mind as you grow your team.

Having a thriving, great company culture takes time to grow. So…do you have a “green thumb” for this?

You’re might be wondering what exactly “company culture” is. No, it’s not something you’ll find in a petri dish. Instead, the company culture is the purpose, expectations, and ethics of a business workspace.

It doesn’t matter if you have one other employee or a thousand employees. Culture is always a part of work. Consequently, every business has its own unique workplace flavor because of the varied backgrounds of the employees that work there.

However, that causes a huge collection of different kinds of workplaces. Some are fun, some are boring. Some businesses are more like a family, while others are just a professional setting. Regardless of what work looks like, there needs to be a positive vibe to the business. Otherwise, you won’t have many happy workers. And that leads to unhappy customers.

Here are a few ideas that can help you grow and nurture great company culture.

Make work a welcoming place.

Your business is a place your employees will be at for multiple hours, multiple days a week. It needs to feel welcoming.

Regardless of how your employees live — such as their religion, nationality, or culture — every human being deserves respect. No one wants to work in a place where they feel uncomfortable or even unsafe. Ensure that your workplace is welcoming. Employees must be freed up to use their skills and talents without fear or intimidation.

You can also invest in making your business pleasing to look at visually.

Have posters, potted plants, and other decorations to make where you work a little more welcoming. Have employees decorate their office space with their own decorations. This will lead to more positive employees and give them positive reinforcement and motivation to get through the workday.

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Invest time in your workspace.

If you want a successful workplace with a positive company culture then you need to invest.

Not financially — at least not all the time — but put effort into your workplace and make sure everything is up-to-date and running smoothly. Putting in that work will give you appreciative employees who don’t want to deal with a broken printer. (Remember Office Space?)

Have your workspace organized and easily accessible for everyone. This will also impress investors, clients, and new hires with how the workspace handles its day-to-day operations.

Make it a more fun place by doing things like Bring Your Pet Day, pizza parties, or Casual Fridays. These kinds of things can make the workplace more fun and lead to employee retention.

Lead by example.

If you want a positive workforce, then you need to be that force to make it happen. Work culture is hard to tell what it is. You can’t really measure it.

However, everyone will remember it. Employees will remember how they were treated at the job and tell others about it. Therefore, if you want a reputation known for positivity and good work ethics, then you need to promote that yourself.

Lead by example. Treat others how you want to be treated.

For example, if you are a creative leader, have some of your senior employees lead the newer hires and let them make decisions. Through that, your employees will feel seen and appreciated. They’ll like that they are allowed to do such tasks.

Keep your style direct and honest.

As a leader in the workplace, you are going to have to make tough decisions. That can paint a target on your back. Sometimes people will be angry with whatever decision you make.

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To reduce the conflict that can brew before or after a situation, find a solution that can be the fairest for all. Having a strong line of communication where you are direct and honest with your employees will be greatly beneficial. Employees like to have an open line of communication. Everyone likes to feel that they have a voice. Remember, while it is good to be direct and honest, try not to be blunt.

Treat all with respect.

Everyone who works with you is a human being. Oftentimes we need a reminder of this obvious truth.

Your employees all have their own lives with friends and family that are a part of that. Remember that when they are requesting days off. Be mindful that everyone has something different going on in their lives and has their own dreams and passions.

You would want to be treated the same if you were in their shoes. Treating all with respect allows for a more positive and productive workforce. A positive work culture then shows your community where your values lie and it will lead you to more success.

Remember…growing a company culture takes time to mature and grow, kind of like a flower. The simple advice listed above details some of the most important aspects of any company culture. However, there are many other variables that can be added to it, depending on the kind of workforce that you have. Just take your time and before you know it, you cultivated a garden of loyal, hard-working employees who thrive and grow.

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