Hawaii and Vegas Chambers to host business summit

by / ⠀News / April 23, 2024
"Business Summit"

The Vegas Chamber, together with the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce, Maui Chamber of Commerce, and Kaua‘i Chamber of Commerce, is gearing up to host a business summit in Honolulu, known as the Hawaii Business Exchange Summit. The event is designed to foster dialogue regarding community and commercial issues common to both regions.

The summit aims to provide a platform for business leaders to form strategic alliances aimed at economic growth. It will feature discussions on a variety of topics including technological innovation, sustainability, and tourism growth, among others. The organizers are eager to facilitate a strong partnership between Hawaii and Las Vegas, which they believe can drive substantial economic and social change.

This initiative follows the past year’s summit held in Honolulu, which dealt with shared regional challenges such as workforce and water supply management. In the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, topics like adequate water management, unemployment, and supply chain stability have taken center stage.

On the guest list are 36 individuals from Nevada, including politicians and significant figures in the Vegas business community.

Strengthening Hawaii-Vegas business relations at summit

The delegation hopes to establish stronger ties with Hawaiian stakeholders, by learning from shared experiences and interactions with Hawaiian chambers, political heads, and community influencers.

The summit’s main focus will be on areas of mutual interest such as cross-border business growth, small business resource optimization, and healthcare campaigns. Key stakeholders will also discuss advancements in digital technology, enhancement of the infrastructural backbone, efficient utilization of human resources, and fostering dynamic collaboration. A project to assess healthcare initiatives aimed at enhancing public health and making healthcare services more affordable is also on the cards.

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The summit will host guest speakers like Betsy Fretwell of Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, Nevada Secretary of State Francisco Aguilar, and others, who will share their expert insights, strategies, and experiences. The aim is to provide knowledgeable insights that can be applied to attendees’ professional growth and business practices.

Mark Perriello, President and CEO of the Kaua‘i Chamber of Commerce, underscored the significance of the summit in strengthening the cultural and economic ties between Hawaii and Las Vegas. Similarly, Ryan Woodward, a trustee of the Vegas Chamber and CEO of the National Technical Institute, expressed anticipation for the prospects of the upcoming event, which he believes, will lead to fruitful collaborations and advancements for both regions.

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