How to Draw a Radius on Google Maps for My Business

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Google Maps radius tool

Drawing a radius on Google Maps can be useful for businesses that want to visualize their service area or target market. Consider that with a radius, business development, and market teams can see the area surrounding the business and help to plan your marketing and outreach strategies accordingly.

Here is where you can begin.

Open Google Maps

The first step users can take in drawing a radius on Google Maps is to open the application or website. You can access Google Maps from a web browser or through the Google Maps app on your mobile device. Once you’re in the application, you’ll see a search bar.

Find Your Business Location

Next, you’ll need to find your business location on the map. You can do this by typing the name of your business into the search bar or entering the address. Google Maps will display the location on the map and provide additional information. This includes the address, nearby businesses, and points of interest.

Click On The “Measure Distance” Tool

Since Google Maps is not a map radius tool by definition, you will need to use the “Measure Distance” tool to draw a radius on Google Maps. You can access this tool by right-clicking on your business location and selecting “Measure Distance” from the drop-down menu.

Draw the Radius

Drawing the radius on Google Maps is a simple process that the average user can complete in just a few steps. Once you have selected the “Measure Distance” tool, you can draw the radius by clicking on your business location and dragging the cursor outwards. It’s important to note that the radius is not a perfect circle but a series of straight lines that approximate a circle.

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As you drag the cursor, you’ll notice a line indicating the distance you’ve traveled. Google Maps will also display the distance you’ve traveled in miles and kilometers, which can help plan and measure distances. If you reach the one-mile mark, the line will turn red. This indicates that you’ve reached the maximum radius for your search. However, if you need to create a larger radius, you can continue dragging the cursor outwards to increase the size of your search area.

View The Radius

Once you’ve drawn the radius, you can view it on the map by clicking the “Add Point” button at the bottom of the Google Maps window. The button will add a point to the map, indicating the center of your radius. Additionally, it displays the distance in miles or kilometers. You can move the point around the map to adjust the radius or delete it entirely by clicking the trash can next to the “Add Point” button.

Use Different Colors

To differentiate between multiple radii, you can use different colors. To do this, draw the first radius using the “Measure Distance” tool. Then, click on the color box next to the “Add Point” button and select a new color.

Save The Radius

If you need to save the radius for future reference, you can do so by clicking on the three dots in the top left corner of the screen and selecting “Save map to My Maps.” Clicking this button will save the radius to your Google Maps account, allowing you to access it again at any time.

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Drawing a radius on Google Maps for your business can provide valuable insights into your service area. They also help you identify potential customers and make informed business decisions. Following the steps above, you can easily draw a radius around your business location and use the information to improve your marketing strategies and expand your customer base. Remember to update your map and use it to its full potential by adding custom pins, labels, and directions. Together, with these features, you will be able to get the most from a radius on Google Maps.

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