How to Start a Tech Company with No Money (or Experience) 

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Creating a business is quite tricky, and developing an idea into a digital firm isn’t as straightforward. Whether you’re a success or a failure depends entirely on how you carry out the mental war that began as an idea. Setting the correct strategy may take more time and work than developing your mind-boggling application or product. If you’re successful in that, you’ve taken the first step to successfully start a tech company.

An important question that many people fail to address is this:

“How do you start a tech company when you have no money or skills?”

Let’s look at the survival rates of startups in 2020 before we get started. Before you estimate incorrectly, it’s about 10%; yep, you read it correctly! Nine out of ten new businesses fail because they don’t gain enough traction to support themselves.

It’s hard to believe that the vast majority of new businesses fail.

According to the experts, nearly every technology startup makes a few critical errors during its early stages. More than half of those failures are attributable to the creation of things for which there is no market; in other words, entrepreneurs are doomed to failure if they create something that no one wants.

To avoid making the same mistakes as those who came before them, today’s startup entrepreneurs must dissect the causes of their peers’ demise. As long as your startup has a healthy thought-out game plan and avoids the most common pitfalls, it will be more likely to succeed.

What are the following steps in developing a software company with no money once you’ve figured out avoiding the most typical pitfalls?

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How to start a new tech company without money?

Prioritize your MVP’s features

It’s not enough to have a brilliant startup idea to take your digital firm to the next level; founders often fail because of their lack of attention to detail in their business plans.

Make sure your product map is pointed in the appropriate direction before beginning. Your product may be analysed using a simple framework to see how it aligns with users’ goals and their various pain points.

The following are the three main steps we must complete:

  • Make sure your ideas are sound.
  • Inquire about your consumers’ opinion
  • Attaining product-market alignment

What are some of the queries you should question yourself?

  • What’s the point of your product if buyers don’t want it?
  • What will be the benefit of using your product?
  • For whom does the product serve?

Do you have a clear vision for your business, product, or service? Are you sure that you have all you need to build your MVP immediately now that you have this? If you haven’t already done so, I strongly urge that you write down the MVP elements that are most important to you before moving on.

Pre-sell your MVP

Pre-selling your MVP is a popular strategy to fund your software firm with no money. In other words, don’t wait until you’re out of cash before you bring in customers who are ready to pay right away.

It is, nonetheless, one of the most challenging tasks for a business founder to overcome. Because clients sometimes require time to think, evaluate, mull over, or discuss your items and services, they aren’t likely to buy them right away.

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We could, however, swiftly fix this significant issue by making a few minor adjustments. Take a look at how to approach clients from a new angle. In addition, how you promote your MVP will also impact its success.

Pre-selling your MVP involves the following five key steps:

  • Determine if your business plan is viable
  • Create a landing page for pre-orders that addresses a consumer complaint
  • A guarantee that the customer’s problem will be solved.
  • Increasing the Feeling of Time Pressure

Pre-selling can be a tremendous success if you follow these five simple methods, which will bring in more customers.

Obtain Employees with Stock Options

How to hire a tech-smart? Are you not proficient? It’s not a big deal. You don’t need to find the right people; you need the correct equity offer and the perfect business idea.

It is possible to find a technical co-founder if you have both. It’s usual for a technical co-founder to receive between 10 and 35% equity.

Your technical co-founder can be found in a variety of ways:

  • Online and off-line communication with programmers
  • Connecting with other networks.
  • Attending startup gatherings and sharing your thoughts with other people.
  • Spread the word about your hunt by talking to as many individuals as possible.

Attract New Clients

Now is the time to put your proven MVP into action in the right market niche. The most important thing is to keep working hard until you have your first few clients.

Even if you think your idea is brilliant, if you can’t get it in front of your target clients, you’ll be squandering your time and money, and your firm will eventually go out of business.

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Focus more on your clients’ comments on which features to keep and which ones to get rid of rather than the money they bring in.

However, if you’re having a hard time finding clients for your MVP, here are some cheap and easy methods I’ve stumbled across:

  • Utilise the resources of other people’s networks.
  • Seek out some business associates.
  • Participate in online communities that interest you.
  • Choosing the best social media platform for attracting new clients
  • Find the ideal influencers for your product’s promotion.


In addition to the suggestions above, I’m going to offer you the following further pointers for starting your tech firm with no money:

  • Agile Methodology should be adopted.
  • Analyse your data and make a pivot.
  • Stay up to date on the market and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Spend time and money on your professional growth
  • Boost your online visibility and visibility
  • Work with well-known companies
  • Keep tabs on your rivals.
  • Boost the effectiveness of what you’ve already got. Scale


A startup’s journey to success is a long one. This journey is fraught with danger and cautionary signs all along the route. Most entrepreneurs are building their tech firms the incorrect way, but you can position yourself ahead of them and start a tech company with the right action plan and commitment.

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