Peloton Layoffs. CEO Gets the Boot. Employees Choose?

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peloton layoffs

Peloton Layoffs have Begun

Peloton, made mighty by the pandemic, has fallen on hard times. Employees are decimated. Their CEO gets the gate. What happened to cause the layoffs at Peloton?

Peloton benefited greatly from the Covid-19 outbreak-induced work-from-home trend. Gyms were shuttered at the start of the viral epidemic, leaving those who valued a decent exercise without a place to go. So why all the layoffs then?

Many people went to Peloton for help. It had a sleek, trendy, premium vibe about it, much superior to your father’s old-school stationary bike in his basement.

Stock Sentiment

Peloton’s stock rose from roughly $23 per share before the outbreak to over $160 before plummeting to $37. The company’s stock value dropped from approximately $50 billion a year ago to around $8 billion last week in actual currencies.

The stock has lately risen due to reports that possible bidders Amazon, Apple, and Nike were interested in buying the firm. The initial fascination caused the rollercoaster ride with the bike and the motivational trainers. Then, as the economy improved, other alternatives were accessible, such as gyms, fitness centers, and other activities.

What Happened?

Peloton slashed its financial projection for the whole year after the firm revealed CEO John Foley would be stepping down, as part of a bigger restructuring of the business, according to CNBC. Revenue may reach $4.8 billion, but the corporation now expects $3.7 billion in 2022.

Peloton is replacing Foley and laying off approximately a quarter of its corporate staff, or approximately 2,800 people. Employee layoffs will get a one-year digital membership to Peloton as part of their severance package, which will begin on Tuesday.

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The dismissed CEO spent $55 million on an East Hampton house. Consequently, New York Post said, we are arming every team member departing Peloton with helpful resources to make them as comfortable as possible. At the same time, they explore their professional path post-Peloton layoff.

The Verge Commented

The Verge commented regarding the layoffs. Not too many compliments, either.

Consequently, Foley and Peloton handled the employee firings in an out-of-touch manner. After all, this is the same business that battled a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recall request for its Tread Plus treadmill, which news reports linked to a child’s death last spring.

Quotes from Foley About the Firing

“I adore Peloton,” Foley said in an earnings call with investors, but he made “mistakes” by expanding “too quickly” without the proper controls in place. “We own this,” he said. “I’m responsible for this, and we’re holding each other accountable.”

Therefore, Barry McCarthy, the former CFO of Spotify and Netflix, will take over as the company’s new CEO and president. Angel Mendez, a former Cisco executive, and Jonathan Mildenhall, a former chief marketing officer at Airbnb, will join Peloton’s directors.

Foley was a cofounder of Peloton and served as its CEO for ten years. He’ll stay on as executive chairman of the corporation after his layoff. One of the reasons for the decision was a drop in demand, which led the stock market value of the once-iconic bike to plummet. Wall Street is clamoring for Apple, Amazon, Nike, or anybody else with vast money to buy the beat-up Peloton.

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The board is “cushy and pro-Foley,” which presents a problem to any possible suitor. According to the Wall Street Journal, any acquisition would almost certainly need Mr. Foley’s approval. He and other insiders controlled more than 80 percent of Peloton’s voting power. That is to say, as of September 30 due to their ownership of the company’s stock according to a securities filing.

Peloton Action Items Post-Layoff

The following are some of the action items as stated by the company:

  • Financial Compensation: We will provide affected team members with a significant cash severance package depending on their employment level and time with Peloton.
    • There is an extension of Equity vesting periods for team members until the end of February.
  • Healthcare: For a limited time, we’ll extend healthcare coverage to people who are presently registered in our benefits, as well as LYRA benefits.
  • Career Services: We’re partnering with RiseSmart, a prominent third-party provider, to provide career services. Transition assistance, one-on-one sessions, a trained résumé writer, employment leads, and career tools are all included. We’ll also provide the opportunity to freely opt-in to a talent directory via this vendor, which will display our outstanding talent to top companies.

Political inclinations will have no bearing on these decisions. Within the bounds of civil discourse. Corporate culture will be abolished. Hybrid work schedules will be ubiquitous.

What is the Future after Peloton layoffs?

Other large concerns are concerned. Their CEOs wonder if they’re next. Boards of Directors are restless. So are stockholders. They expect better dividends and better outcomes. The public also has a say. Social media postings have been decisive.

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