Local Businesses Band Together for Fallen Firefighter’s Family

by / ⠀Featured News / February 26, 2024
"Firefighter's Family Unity"

Local businesses are uniting to support the family of fallen firefighter/paramedic Adam Finseth, who lost his life in service. Bear Paw Coffee and Chip Shots, two community favorites, are leading the charge with fundraisers to assist the family during this period of grief.

Bear Paw Coffee, a cherished local cafe, has decided to donate a share of their profits to Finseth’s family. In a parallel move, Chip Shots, a popular pub, has arranged a benefit event which will contribute proceeds directly to the family. These charitable acts only emphasize the strength and unity of the community in challenging times.

A fundraiser was held for the Finseth family at Bear Paw Coffee on Feb. 22, wherein a fifth of the day’s sales went toward the family. The town’s overwhelming participation was met with appreciation by the bereaved family. This successful event is expected to be the first of many more to come.

Finseth leaves behind a wife, who also resides in the town, and many dedicated locals offering their support. Chip Shots committed to donating a portion of their earnings, adding to the widespread lending hand. The town, in which Finseth is fondly remembered, are assisting in every way possible.

Bear Paw Coffee’s fundraising event attracted many supporters including former classmates of Finseth, Angie and Gerritt Clark. Overwhelmed by the community’s response and the sheer number of patrons, the coffee shop extended its closing time by half an hour. It was an evening of unity and profound solidarity for the family.

Chip Shots’ co-owner, Nick Vreeman, another one of Finseth’s former classmates, pledged to donate 15% of total sales on Feb. 26 toward Finseth’s family. In addition, the establishment facilitates direct donations and aids in contributing to a GoFundMe page specifically created for the family.

A memorial service, led by the Rochester Fire Department, is being arranged for Finseth at Soldiers Field Memorial Park, featuring a bell ceremony and speeches from community leaders. Finseth met a tragic end while responding to a domestic violence call, leaving a void not just in his family, but across the entire community.

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