Mississippi River Flavor Company Set for Physical Store Launch

by / ⠀News / February 22, 2024
"River Flavor Launch"

Jaden and Erica Peck, ex-military members and founders of the Mississippi River Flavor Company, plan to open their first physical store in downtown Wabasha in Spring 2024. The venture builds from their successful online business and seeks to bring their unique spice mixes and marinades to the local community directly. The store is also set to host cooking classes and demonstrations to help their customers engage with and learn more about their products.

The main product line includes a range of fresh, locally sourced spice blends, marinades, and meat seasonings. Their offerings remove unnecessary additives and are primarily geared towards promoting healthier eating habits. They also focus on educating their customers about the benefits and uses of various spices. Their use of local restaurants and food outlets for collaboration further advances their strong online presence.

Erica Peck shared that their journey into business ownership was driven by a desire for a more active life following job loss due to the pandemic. Instead of succumbing to the challenging shifts in the job market, they decided to convert their hobbies into a profitable business, thriving amid the pandemic.

The couple embraced a community-centric marketing approach, initially giving out 200 free samples to locals, catalyzing their commercial breakthrough. They also run customer surveys and feedback sessions regularly to better understand their customer’s preferences and needs. Their upcoming retail store is part of their business expansion plans and aims to collaborate with local producers for discounted bulk purchases.

Sustainability is another crucial perspective they included in their business by sourcing raw materials from local organic farmers, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. They also switched to eco-friendly packaging materials that can be reused or recycled.

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The retail store set to launch in Spring 2024 is a significant part of their expansion plans and is designed to provide customers firsthand experience of their brand. It aims to exhibit an interactive learning section that educates visitors about the environmental benefits of supporting local businesses, embodying their vision of the business, community, and environment growing together.

Despite facing homelessness and poverty after military service, the Pecks managed to grow their business without external help. They’ve initiated a charity where they plan to share a part of their business profits with their local community and veteran support organizations.

The Mississippi River Flavor Company, known for its unique blends like Vermont Maple Bacon, Fully Loaded Burger, Butchers Blend, and Savory Steak and Chop, also sells seasonal dessert mixes. The upcoming physical store is set to feature a rotating selection of the 50 unique spice blends to appeal to both locals and tourists.

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