National Entrepreneurship Week Empowers Student Start-ups

by / ⠀News / February 21, 2024
Entrepreneurship Empowerment

National Entrepreneurship Week witnessed a series of educational sessions by The Entrepreneurship Center. From February 12 to February 16, workshops covered essential topics to equip students with tools and advice on founding a start-up. Business planning, marketing strategies, and legal considerations were among the topics discussed.

The platform brought together field experts, alumni entrepreneurs, and successful business owners to share their experiences, providing comprehensive insights into entrepreneurship. This inspired creativity and empowered participants to approach their ventures with an entrepreneurial mindset.

A networking event concluded the celebrations on February 16, allowing students to connect with potential investors, industry mentors, and like-minded peers to progress their entrepreneurial journey. The Entrepreneurship Center reaffirmed its dedication to fostering better understanding and appreciation for entrepreneurship, thereby shaping business leader aspirants.

Hands-on practicum-style workshops took students through the specifics and stages of setting up a business. Students were encouraged to collaborate and apply concepts learned during the series in a practical, real-world setting. This equipped students with essential skills and practical exposure necessary for successful entrepreneurship.

On the final day, industry professionals guided students through essential facets of establishing a business. Unique stations illustrated topics like market research, business planning, location choice, company structure, and obtaining relevant tax IDs. This learning experience allowed students to understand crucial aspects of business management and entrepreneurship that textbooks often miss.

Well-respected Professor Kristin Boyce, director of The Entrepreneurship Center, led the event. She emphasized the intention of providing robust resources through experienced guest speakers to help new entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes. Boyce urged students to leverage resources and opportunities provided by the Entrepreneurship Center to ensure their success.

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Students praised the program’s step-by-step format and comprehensive coverage of topics. Junior Sam Bodine pointed out that it made the complex world of cybersecurity more navigable for newcomers. Senior Linda Choi appreciated the flexibility, allowing her to work at her own pace.

By the end, workshop series garnered positive feedback demonstrating its effectiveness as a practical educational exercise for entrepreneurially inclined students. The students grasped new concepts and could readily put them into practical use. The post-workshop evaluations showed a high level of satisfaction and acknowledgment of the workshop’s value.

In conclusion, the National Entrepreneurship Week set a new benchmark in enriching the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the campus. It can be said with certainty that the workshop series was successful in honing the entrepreneurial skills of the students.

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