Five Good Reasons to Charter a Private Jet When Running a Business

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If you fly regularly for business, you may think first class or business class provides all the comfort and convenience you need. However, private jet charter has far more to offer, and may not be as expensive as you think once you discover not just the money, but the potentially productive time it can save you. These factors can more than make up for the higher cost.

Here are our five top reasons why businesspeople can benefit from flying privately.

1. Time Efficiency

Crowded airports, early check-ins, long queues, and luggage wrestling are big downsides of flying commercially. But the time-wasting that you experience doesn’t stop there.

  • The limited airports airlines serve can mean long, inconvenient transfers to reach your final destination. Whether your transfers are by car, train, or helicopter, it can be hard to relax or be productive on the way. Result? Wasted time.
  • Their restrictive flight schedules can result in layovers while you wait for onward or return flights—wasting time once again.
  •  Meager amenities and a lack of space and privacy can make it hard to be productive while traveling. Say goodbye to yet more of your valuable time.

When you fly privately, however, you only need to arrive at the airport just before your flight. You can head straight to the private lounge or terminal run by the Fixed Base Operator (FBO). There, all checks, documentation, and baggage items are handled swiftly and efficiently, while you relax (or make some business calls).

Private jet rental allows you to hop from one state to another. Meetings that may have taken you all week to travel between may fit into just a day or two when you set your own schedule. Private jet travel also offers many more facilities, both in the air and at the airport, for doing business.

2. Convenience, Comfort, and Customization

With commercial airlines, your choice of airports is limited. Private jet charter gives you around ten times the number of departure points and destinations to choose from, including small regional airports and remote landing strips. Flying more directly offers greater convenience, reducing the need for lengthy, complicated transfers. You also enjoy increased space, luxurious facilities and seating, and personal attention.

For even greater convenience and comfort, every detail of your journey can be organized and customized for you. Do you need specialist staff and conference amenities in flight? Security staff at your departure or destination airport? A good private jet broker can organize it all.

This bespoke service doesn’t end when you land.  As a private jet customer, you can also expect top-class facilities at the airport thanks to the Fixed Base Operator. They can vary from a private lounge with complimentary refreshments to complete private terminals with restaurants, shower rooms, and meeting rooms. Through their concierge services, or through your jet broker, you can also request services such as limousine transfers, restaurant bookings, theater reservations, and accommodation.

3. Enhanced Productivity

It’s impossible to hold a confidential conversation or work on sensitive materials on a commercial flight—or in the airport’s public lounge. It’s also difficult to get the peace and quiet you need to tackle your work.

However, for private fliers, worktables or even meeting rooms are available, depending on the plane chosen, plus options for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology, and the latest digital and media equipment. These amenities are available in the private areas of many Fixed Base Operators too.

This means work doesn’t have to stop while you’re traveling. You can hold meetings and take confidential calls in privacy, with no concerns about security. The small, discreet crew on board your plane will ensure you have the peace you need to concentrate or collaborate with your colleagues.

4. Flexible, Agile Travel Itineraries

Forget red-eye flights, long layovers, and awkwardly timed connecting flights. When you fly by private jet charter, you decide on your schedule and design your own itinerary. Leave your meeting at one destination and be on your way to your next as soon as you reach the airport and board your plane again. You can make multiple stops, book last-minute charters to manage urgent matters, or change your plans just hours before departure. Flexibility is one of the key advantages of private jet charter. You can be wherever you’re needed with just a few hours notice.

5. Personal Image and Business Reputation

Private jet travel is inextricably linked with success and professionalism. Despite its growing popularity, it still oozes exclusivity. Traveling by private jet yourself will enhance both your personal image and the reputation of your company. However, to further enhance it, you can invite partners or prospective clients on board for incentive trips, fact-finding missions, visits to work premises abroad, or meetings. Wining and dining business associates on a private jet is bound to make them both relaxed and impressed.

Choose Private Jet Charter for Cost-Effective Comfort

Chartering a private jet for your trips can ensure you can travel to destinations across the world—and arrive relaxed, refreshed, well-prepared, and on time. Travel by private jet simply offers unrivaled peace, privacy, security, convenience, comfort, and flexibility.

If you still think private charter is too expensive, remember that cost-effectiveness is about more than price. When you compare costs side-by-side, ensure you’ve factored in:

  • the valuable work time you could save through direct flights, setting your own schedule, vastly reduced waiting times, and more productive travel time
  • the reduced transfers
  • the eliminated layovers, which can involve yet more transfer costs, plus accommodation and dining expenses.

You will find the true cost of flying commercial is higher than you think.

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