Rob Pettman takes charge at TIFIN, focuses on AI expansion

by / ⠀News / April 18, 2024
"Pettman's AI Expansion"

Rob Pettman, ex-executive of LPL Financial, has undertaken a new role at TIFIN as the Chief Revenue Officer and President. He will distill his expansive business knowledge to drive revenue growth, broaden market presence, and craft strategic partnerships in his new position, reporting directly to a former TIFIN executive.

Pettman will direct the holding firm’s four divisions, which include its B2B tech for wealth management firms and AI-powered consumer technology. He will also be in charge of some of TIFIN’s other ventures, such as its AI-focused tech development outfits and a separate subsidiary.

Pettman’s approach is decidedly client-centric. He expects significant changes in the wealth management sector, with AI technology playing a crucial role. He predicts remarkable improvements across an array of industries.

The primary locale for Pettman’s activities will be TIFIN’s branch in Charlotte, North Carolina, supplemented by visits to the company’s headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

Pettman’s AI-focused direction at TIFIN

The current workforce of TIFIN is approximately 250 strong.

Looking ahead, Pettman sees potential for growth, not limited to TIFIN’s core advisory and wealth sectors. He aspires to incorporate AI with other elements of wealth management like insurance and extends his support to businesses that can maximize TIFIN’s technologies.

Compliance is another arena Pettman prioritizes. In his view, TIFIN’s comprehensive solutions are pivotal for businesses to meet regulatory changes. He stresses the risks of not keeping pace with the evolving regulatory landscape, a struggle that TIFIN’s offerings can ease.

In TIFIN’s most recent funding round held in May 2022, key investors like Franklin Templeton and Motive Partners participated. Meanwhile, Aneri Jambusaria is presently holding the fort at Pettman’s former spot in LPL Services Group as the company seeks out a permanent replacement.

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