Roger Waters Faces BMG Contract Review Amid Antisemitism Accusations

by / ⠀News / February 3, 2024
"Waters Contract Review"

According to a report by Variety, Roger Waters, one of the co founders of Pink Floyd is facing the possibility of being separated from BMG due to accusations of antisemitism. This has led the music company to reevaluate its contract with Waters, which has garnered attention and response from Jewish organizations worldwide.

The decision made by BMG will have an impact on Waters career as it raises speculation about the termination of their commercial relationship. This has also put discussions for future collaborations with Waters on hold casting doubt on the much anticipated project “Dark Side of the Moon.” Despite this setback Waters has expressed his determination to continue the project with another distributor.

Waters has been involved in controversies regarding his comments on conflicts in Israel and Ukraine. He expressed skepticism about mainstream media narratives surrounding these issues. Although his statements received backlash he stood firm in his beliefs sparking debates and varying public opinions.

Waters has suggested that his potential departure from BMG may be influenced by Israeli sentiments within Bertelsmann, BMGs parent company. He believes that his vocal support, for Palestine may have played a role in this criticism.
The political implications of such a decision are debatable but noteworthy adding a layer of complexity to the situation.

Moreover Waters reputation has suffered due to a documentary called “The Dark Side of Roger Waters ” produced by the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) which accused him of promoting antisemitism. These allegations have led to reassessments of his achievements resulting in significant harm to his public image.

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Additionally more controversy arose from a concert in Germany where Waters wore attire of the Nazi era and presented the names of prominent individuals in questionable contexts. This immediately sparked accusations of antisemitism, against him. Further fueled existing scrutiny.

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