Say bye to sky-high gas prices: Personal Capital is giving away a Tesla

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personal capital logoThis post is a sponsored post by Personal Capital and Empower.

To meet consumers where they’re going, Personal Capital is giving away one Tesla Model 3. Enter for a chance to win.

The summer road trip was once an economical, easy getaway – not so much in 2022 with soaring pump prices and costly rental cars.

But that’s not keeping consumers from hitting the road. In fact, 55% of Millennials are spending more time planning for vacations than retirement, according to a new survey* by Personal Capital and Empower.

How Consumers are Spending

Here’s how consumers are spending – and where they have a chance to cut costs in a big way.

As consumers eye midsummer plans, travel spend is up. In May, the average person who uses Personal Capital’s free tools spent $1,304 on travel. That’s 41% more than last year, and exceeds pre-pandemic levels by 28%.**
Monthly spend on gas is also up by 35% to May 2022 ($251) from May 2021 ($186).

Values-based spending and investing drives choice.

Certainly, spending has been dramatically impacted by rising inflation, now at 8.6%. But it also indicates a shift in values-based spending – the share of cash put toward gas and travel has shot up to 26% of overall spend ($5,958) in May 2022, up from 19% of overall spend ($5,687) the year prior.

Socially responsible investing is also on the rise. As of May, the total AUM in Personal Capital’s socially responsible portfolio topped $3 billion, and about 1 in 4 new clients have adopted the strategy over the last year.

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Opting for EV

With record-setting gas prices, consumers are considering alternatives, with one survey finding that 47% of Millennials plan to buy an all-electric vehicle for their next ride. The best-selling plugin vehicle? The Tesla Model 3.

Drive your financial future – plus, enter to win a Tesla 3. No matter where you’re headed this summer, you can stay in the driver’s seat with your money. Personal Capital’s free and secure online financial tools are used by 3.3M U.S. households, and you can use the technology to:

  • Get a real-time look at your net worth
  • Review your cash flow and budget for mid-term savings goals
  • Analyze your portfolio to optimize based on your risk tolerance
  • Plan for long-term goals, like buying a house or saving for retirement.

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