Serial Entrepreneurs: Why Most Are Disinterested in Money

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There's a belief that entrepreneurs love to generate truckloads of wealth. While a common idea, serial entrepreneurs are not like that.

Do you know that a vast majority of businessmen, at least 30% of them, are serial entrepreneurs? And what’s interesting is that most serial entrepreneurs are disinterested in money. They view it as a necessary evil that gets in the way of their dreams. Although they understand that it’s the foundation of a successful business, they want more than money can provide.

They don’t really care about money because they’re in love with the journey that leads to it — starting and growing ventures.

They want to be able to work on their business full-time and see it grow without the stress of financial pressures. Let’s dive deeper behind the thought process of serial entrepreneurs and find out why money comes second to them:

5 Reasons Why Most Serial Entrepreneurs Aren’t Primarily Interested in Money

1. They’re passionate about their industry.

In the business space, passion plays a key role in achieving success. It’s the fuel that keeps them going through the hard times. It’s the reason why they keep going when the going gets tough. When someone’s passionate about their industry, it’s easy to put all other things aside and focus on the business.

You’ll always have more energy when you’re passionate about what you do because it makes it easier to get up early in the morning and work. You’ll also find it easier to deal with rejection and setbacks because you have something to work towards. This is exactly what makes a serial entrepreneur. They are passionate about their industry, and they keep building up businesses in that space to solve multiple problems.

For instance, Mark Zuckerberg is passionate about social media. As a result, he kept building and investing in ventures that evolved the social media industry ranging from Facebook to Whatsapp, Instagram, and more.

2. They love the process more than profits.

A serial entrepreneur loves the process of starting and running a business more than she/he loves the money. Many serial entrepreneurs would rather work on their business full-time and see it grow instead of continuously finding ways to spend the profits it brings. They don’t really care about wealth generation because they’re in love with the journey that leads to it — starting and growing ventures.

They’re tireless souls who don’t want to stop and enjoy the riches that profits bring.

They’re the ones who prefer to keep working on their business rather than spending time partying and enjoying the fruits of their labors.

3. They enjoy the thrill of risk-taking.

Most people are not risk-takers especially when it comes to starting a business.

But for a serial entrepreneur, risk-taking is part of the game. It’s what makes him or her stand out from the crowd. They do realize that money is necessary for them to survive but starting a venture and scaling it is not about that. It’s their adrenaline rush, a shot of dopamine, that gets them the calm because other things can’t.

They thrive on risk-taking.

It’s their brain, which is wired in a way that they enjoy the risks and the thrill that comes with them when starting a venture. This is just like bungee jumping or paragliding, which offers the sweet rush of adrenaline that makes you feel invincible. That’s how serial entrepreneurs feel when they take the risks of starting businesses from scratch.

4. They love learning and growing as a person.

Serial entrepreneurs are always learning. They’re the ones who never stop learning new things about their business, their industry, marketing, social media, sales, and more. They’re constantly growing and improving.

Serial entrepreneurs know that success is not only about the money they make but also about the person they become along the way. If they fail, they will learn something from it and move on.

5. They get bored doing the same things.

Many serial entrepreneurs start a new venture out of boredom. They work on one startup, and when their routine becomes monotonous, they hand it to their managers and start a new venture. They do this because they cannot thrive in the same industry, selling the same products and serving the same customer markets.

Entrepreneurs dislike being stuck behind a desk. They experience different business models, meet with different people, and enjoy the process.

So Are You a Serial Entrepreneur?

Those are at least a few top reasons why serial entrepreneurs are disinterested in money. However, you may have to decide whether or not you have the same mindset. Serial entrepreneurs are a breed apart. For them, money is something that comes as a by-product of their work, not the driving motivation.

Entrepreneurs may find it challenging to stay focused on making money over the long term. However, they do enjoy the thrill of success and the satisfaction that comes with learning and growing as a person.

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