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by / ⠀News / February 22, 2024
Startup Assistance

In Richmond, business entrepreneurs have a new opportunity under the “Startup Richmond” program. The program offers various workshops, mentorship schemes, and networking sessions to facilitate business growth. It not only provides a foundation for new businesses but also helps them connect with potential investors and experienced entrepreneurs.

Local entrepreneur, Devon Copeland, recognizes the struggles for many small business owners who need straightforward advice. The difficulty lies in navigating the amounts of information from various sources. Copeland believes that a centralized platform for business resources could ease the complexity of starting a new company.

As the founder of the Iron Village initiative, Copeland has firsthand experience in founding a startup. Her program aims to reduce the educational gap for children of color in the Richmond area. Providing a unique curriculum that focuses on STEM subjects, the initiative seeks to empower students with improved self-confidence and leadership skills.

Copeland is among the beneficiaries of the Community Business Academy (CBA), a program assisting black entrepreneurs in Richmond. The CBA provides entrepreneurs with essential knowledge and resources to succeed in their industry, particularly focusing on financial literacy, business planning, and marketing strategies.

The CBA program was developed by Rasheeda Creighton to address the lack of resources for black entrepreneurs. Creighton aims to bridge this gap by including robust and inclusive programs for black entrepreneurs. The ultimate goal stands to improve Richmond’s economy through inclusive economic development.

Administered by Lisa Townes, the Community Business Academy runs biannually for a 12-week program. It offers training on various aspects of business administration, hoping to reduce the complexities of managing a business. The principal idea of the Community Business Academy is to provide business owners with the right tools and education, ensuring their success.

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