Why Minimalism Doesn’t Work and How to Fix It

by / ⠀Blog Entrepreneurship / March 17, 2015

You’ve been lied to.   So many books have been written on minimalism, yet it simply doesn’t work for so many people.  We all know deep down inside that less possessions doesn’t necessarily lead to a happier life. Why?  We all want more stuff!  Depriving yourself makes you feel repressed, guilty for wanting things, and triggers your brain into a scarcity mindset.  Minimalism is supposed to be a…

Are You an Unplugged CEO?

by / ⠀Personal Branding Startup Advice / June 24, 2012

A good driver is not chained to his car seat. When the car stops because of a problem, the driver can step outside and analyze the issue. It is difficult to mend a puncture while still seated inside. The driver is detached from the car, though he is ‘the car’ when it’s running on the road. When it stops, the driver is able to step out for a…

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