10 Must Watch Business Shows for Entrepreneurs

by / ⠀Startup Advice / November 7, 2011

If you’re going to watch television you might as well learn something or put on something that will get you fired up to make some money.  Check out these 10 Must See Television Shows for Entrepreneurs… 1.) How I Made My Millions This CNBC show features 12 episodes of everyday people that went from idea to million dollar businesses.  Take Maribeth Sanford for example, who started putting logos on shopping…

Must See Interviews With the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

by / ⠀Startup Advice / November 3, 2011

  At Under30CEO we think big. We recently published a list of our Top 40 Most Motivational People on the web and things got a little nuts. The article created incredible buzz all over the web and inspired us to create a list of successful entrepreneurs. So we fired up our audience to go out and make something happen. As young entrepreneurs it’s important that we keep swinging…

Top 50 Events for Young Entrepreneurs

by / ⠀Startup Advice / October 25, 2011

When we started Under30CEO it was for one reason: to surround ourselves with the most motivated young people on the planet.  There is nothing better than going to a high energy event and bringing home a ton of knowledge, building relationships and having shared experiences with like minded people.  At Under30CEO, we don’t like to admit it, but we’re event whores… most of the events below we’ve attended…

Top 40 Most Motivational People on the Web

by / ⠀Startup Advice / October 20, 2011

“Motivation is like showering; you need it everyday.”Through the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship, great business owners find ways to keep themselves motivated.  Luckily for us, in the 21st century, some of the greatest leaders of the world have poured themselves into online content to help inspire us on a daily basis.  The following list is filled not only with great pieces of motivation, but video blogs, Twitter…

280 Must Read Books for Entrepreneurs

by / ⠀Startup Advice / October 17, 2011

This is a list of the top business books of all time, in no particular order. At Under30CEO we are firm believers that the secrets to success can be learned from others who have been successful before. Many of these authors have spent a lifetime learning the lessons in these books the hard way. Luckily for us, their wealth of knowledge is presented in the books below. There…

235 Young Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

by / ⠀Startup Advice / October 10, 2011

When it comes to staying motivated, Twitter is one of our favorite tools at Under30CEO to stay on top of what all our other young entrepreneur cohorts are doing across the globe.  Seeing tweets at all hours of people up late hustling,  trash talking about how much they’re killing it or truly being helpful online is a great way to keep your entrepreneurial spirit high.  Thanks to our…

Top 10 Cities for Young Entrepreneurs 2011

by / ⠀Startup Advice / October 6, 2011

Recently Under30CEO ran a poll to find out what the best cities in the United States were for young entrepreneurs. The poll asked the Under30CEO readers to place their vote or submit the city of their choice if it wasn’t listed. We asked everyone to not only think about the business climate and resources but to also consider the social scene and even weather. Young entrepreneurs want to…

RIP Steve Jobs: "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish"

by / ⠀Startup Advice / October 6, 2011

You may have heard that Steve Jobs died yesterday at the age of 56. He was truly an inspiration for all entrepreneurs and because of him the world is a better and more interesting place. If you’ve never seen it take a few minutes to watch his 2005 Stanford commencement speech. It’s inspiring and a true statement of what he was about all his life. “Stay hungry, stay…

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