235 Young Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

by / ⠀Startup Advice / October 10, 2011
When it comes to staying motivated, Twitter is one of our favorite tools at Under30CEO to stay on top of what all our other young entrepreneur cohorts are doing across the globe.  Seeing tweets at all hours of people up late hustling,  trash talking about how much they’re killing it or truly being helpful online is a great way to keep your entrepreneurial spirit high.  Thanks to our friends at the Young Entrepreneur Council, we’ve put together this list of 235 young entrepreneurs involved in their invite-only program.
  1. @Genjuice–GenJuice makes discovering trendsetting blogs and staying updated with their content easy.
  2. @AndrewWarner–I run Mixergy.com, where entrepreneurs teach how they built their companies. And I’m married to @okl
  3. @YouAretv–Interact LIVE with @mertonpiano via text and video every Wednesday at 10pm ET!
  4. @Bluegala–We carry the hottest prom dresses, homecoming dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses and party dresses!
  5. @RRWhite–CEO of UserVoice.com
  6. @brian_wong–Former Digg’er. Top 20 Under 20. Nomad by choice. Explorer.
  7. @RobertSofia–I write. I speak. I travel. I read. I learn. I teach. I help financial companies grow. I tweet. I do other stuff too.
  8. @DavidSpinks–I’m Spinks, Enforcer of User Happiness at@Zaarly, and keeping it real is what it’s all about.
  9. @LaneSutton–14-year-old Entrepreneur, Digital Native, Social Media Coach, Kid Critic, Speaker, Blogger. I like business, Internet, privacy, tech, social media, and more.
  10. @LucianT–Founder BraveNewTalent.com – Into Social recruiting, Entrepreneurship, Social media & new technologies, Youth leadership, India, Gen Y & traveling
  11. @MilenaThomas–Vocalist. Professor. Economist. Analyst. Slavic. Classical Liberal. Arts Advocate.
  12. @ModifyWatches–Dope interchangeable watches for any occasion [whether work, play or the in-between].
  13. @SharaSenderoff–Film Executive/Producer. I believe in magic. I want to change the world.
  14. @CitySlips–We get it, heels hurt! CitySlips = the perfect SOLE-ution 😉 Best part? Travel case unzips to tote for killer heels.
  15. @AndrewSaladino–seo | social media | fun
  16. @DarienJay100–The Secret Of The Universe Is The True Naming Of Things
  17. @Sprouter–Sprouter is where founders get expert answers to their startup questions.
  18. @Kapriforce–Careerspotting 4 Kids. Turning career exploration into a game for young millennials (13-17).
  19. @Skooloflife–I’m an avid surfer, self help blogger,and I run BlogcastFM, a podcast to help you kick some Blogging A#$#
  20. @JohnicaReed–Bon vivant stepping lightly across continents.
  21. @NickReese–Strategic Thinker and Change Maker.
  22. @RakSTARR–Former producer turned publicist. Avid fashion lover and consumer and researcher of one of a kinds. Online fashion correspondent
  23. @TastyClouds–Mom, Wife, Speaker, Mentor & Founder of Tasty Clouds, a multi award winning business. We sweeten events with our gourmet cotton candy & other sweet treats.
  24. @JackThreads–Serving up premium street, skate, surf and contemporary clothing brands daily, at prices up to 80% off retail. Stay fresh for less!
  25. @Yodle–Yodle provides local businesses with a simple and affordable way to promote their services using online advertising.
  26. @SparklingRuby–President of Ruby Media Group LLC- A Public Relations, Social Media Marketing & Personal Branding Agency. FORBES WOMAN Columnist/Westchester Magazine Nightfly
  27. @LaurenPerkins–Entrepreneur. Digital Marketer. Business Strategist. Angel. Wordsmith. Beauty Junkie. Fitness Guru. Tri-athlete. Snowboarder. Dance/Music Enthusiast.
  28. @Pforti–Hi. I’m a NYC based Swiss in love with food, ideas and any excuse that allows me to travel. I cofounded @Holstee.
  29. @LindseyPollak–Author & consultant on next generation career and workplace trends, LinkedIn spokesperson, reader, cupcake lover
  30. @Jrpowers–co-founder of @occipital.
  31. @MarcNager–Director & CEO at Startup Weekend. I do what I do and I have a ton of fun doing it with some amazing people! Someday we’ll all change the world, right?
  32. @fdtht–We provide businesses with an easy solution to capture simple customer sentiments, ideas, and complaints, which help them learn and grow instantly.
  33. @JonathanMead–I help people kill their day jobs and get paid to be who they are. I aim to wake up every day excited. Click below to get to know me better.
  34. @KymleeIsAwesome–Freelance writer/editor, music nerd, pop culture lover, social media enthusiast, opinionated information junkie.
  35. @realmckillinit–Father of 2 legends, husband to a warrior queen, and servant of entrepreneurs on their wild Hero’s Journey.
  36. @GetStoried–Dean of Story University. Teaching entrepreneurs how to tell their story. Left-handed. Color-blind. Believes chocolate is a food group
  37. @NatalieMacNeil–EMMY Award Winning Media Producer; Founder, She Takes on the World (Forbes Top 10 Career Sites for Women); Blogger, Forbes & Huffington Post. DREAM BIG!
  38. @NathanLustig–entrepreneur, love traveling, soccer and food, or any way to combine the three.
  39. @Thrillist–Thrillist’s daily emails sift through the crap to find the newest and best the Nation is hiding.
  40. @MattLauzon–CEO of Gemvara.com . I tweet frequently about lots of things like #startups #jewelry #payitforward & my life as a 26 y/o living in the city of #boston
  41. @HaigKayserian–Angel Investor. Blogger. Politics & Sports junkie.
  42. @WarrenJolly–Serial Internet Entrepreneur. Co-founder of Affiliate Media. Advisor and Investor.
  43. @AnkurJain2–Ankur Jain is the Founder and Chairman of the Kairos Society
  44. @HollyHoffman–Co-founder & chief inspiration officer of Neovia Solutions, social media professional, Gen-Y blogger, social community leader, entrepreneur, marketing nerd.
  45. @ChristinHassler–Author-Life Coach-Speaker. Gen Y expert.
  46. @dh–Young Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of @chargify and angel investor
  47. @RJHealey–Co-Founder and COO of BrazenCareerist.com
  48. @Toddo–Founder, BuySellAds.com. You can reach me at todd@buysellads.com.
  49. @askgerber–Columnist for Inc., TIME, Portfolio, Mashable and WSJ. Founder of Sizzle It! and Young Entrepreneur Council. Author of Never Get a Real Job.
  50. @JoeFernandez–CEO and Cofounder of Klout. Just trying to get enough beans to make a burrito
  51. @RentTheRunway–The official Twitter of RentTheRunway.com – the online luxury site offering designer fashion for any occasion at 90% off.
  52. @Allen–Techie & Education Wonk. Fun fact: I once lost on Wheel of Fortune.
  53. @MichaelEllsberg–I am the author of ‘The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think, and It’s Not Too Late’ (Penguin/Portfolio, Fall 2011)
  54. @JenniferDonogh–Wife, new mom, & blogger. Lover of champagne, dancing, cloud services & dirt bikes.
  55. @Shaherose–Lots of tech startup scars. Canadian. Mobile + connectivity = change. Bikram Yogini. CEO/Founder, @women2, Mentor @500startups
  56. @Sorayaderabi–wanderlust, epicurean, would-be bassist in your garage band. a co-founder of @foodspotting, digital strategist on @abc. let’s talk tech, yo.
  57. @SamDavidson–Keynote Speaker | Founder, CoolPeopleCare.org | Author, Simplify Your Life | Storyteller, Proof Branding
  58. @MyFirstYoga–Entrepreneur and owner of the kids yoga company, My First Yoga RE: Kids, Families and Small Business
  59. @PaulCBrunson–Modern Day Matchmaker, Certified Relationship Coach, Co-Founder of givelovebuildhope.org – school rebuild foundation focusing on projects in U.S./Caribbean
  60. @TravelJason–Owner Whet Travel / Groove Cruise Specialties: large groups, charters dest weddngs and theme cruises Founder #1 party cruise
  61. @BrentBeshore–CEO of AdVentures (#28 2011 Inc. 500), Thinker @ InnovateandCurate.com, angel investor, entrepreneurial fanatic, social media enthusiast, wine lover.
  62. @GabbyBernstein–Bestselling Author Add More ~ing To Your Life, Speaker, Founder of HerFuture.com. Check out my new book Spirit Junkie!
  63. @JohnBerk–Entrepreneur, son, friend, brother, follower, leader, dreamer, and believer. Co-Founder and VP of National Accounts at Yodle Inc.
  64. @GenYjobs–CEO of Doostang. President of Digital Media at Universum Group. Start-up Founder. Big Dreamer and Always Wanting More.
  65. @TheShirtbyRB–Say goodbye to safety pins! The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens eliminates the gape. SHOP NOW
  66. @ManVsDebt–One young family of 3’s journey to sell our crap, pay off our debt, and start doing what we love. It seemed like a good idea at the time…
  67. @Pcambron–Co-founder & CEO of BrandYourself.com. I tweet about entrepreneurship & anything I find funny/interesting
  68. @Portopong–PORTOPONG is the world’s first and best selling inflatable beer pong table offering you the best quality and service.
  69. @LaurenBushTweet–Designer, Hunger Activist, Social Entrepreneur, Earth Lover, & FEED Bag Peddler
  70. @RyanPaugh–Community builder. Chief of Staff @YEC. Founder @BrazenHQ, #1 social network for Gen Y. Loves cooking & eating, leisurely activities and Bulldogs
  71. @apatzer–Founder & CEO of Mint.com
  72. @NeilPatel–I’m Kind of a Big Deal
  73. @DalePartridge–Die hard serial entrepreneur, CEO at Sevenly.org, and dedicated follower of Jesus Christ.
  74. @to2–World’s best pattern recognizer. Founder at Lean Startup Machine (@Lean). Also founded@TechAtNYU.
  75. @SydneyOwen–Unfiltered = my blog & approach to life. Main Peanut in the Packet at @3RingMedia. Love:@skydiveCSC, sushi, sunshine and smiling. And… running?
  76. @alexisohanian@reddit cofounder, @YCombinator ambassador to the east, & angel investor. I’d like to make the world suck less.
  77. @SeanOgle–Currently doing the stuff most people just talk about doing…
  78. @JaredOToole–Stop doing sh*t you hate! Founder Under30CEO.com and Shadow Concepts LLC. Brand builder and passionate entrepreneur
  79. @Oshy–CEO of @LivingSocial
  80. @JustinNowak–I am a mobile phone and mobile tech guru. Have a question, just ask!
  81. @Norcross–A little crass and heavily tattoo’d, I write WordPress code and play trains with my son. Everything else is fucking irrelevant.
  82. @addoway–Addoway is an eCommerce marketplace that helps you buy from people you can trust.
  83. @YSFMagazine–The Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed Launchpad for #Fearless #Entrepreneurs, #Startups & #SmallBusiness. Work smart, improve workflow & make a profit.
  84. @Threadless–Threadless is a community-based tee shirt company that prints awesome designs created and chosen by you!
  85. @WPromote–Wpromote is a full service online marketing agency that offers, PPC, SEO, SMO, web design, and affiliate services. #1 ranked Search Marketing Firm globally.
  86. @ArelMoodie–America’s Top Young Speaker, and Owner of Extreme Entrepreneurship Education, and Arel Moodie International.
  87. @TransitTreasure–Ride Public Transit…Buy Things…Get Cash.
  88. @SitepointMatt–Co-Founder of Flippa, SitePoint (Web Professional Portal) and 99designs – leading crowdsourcing platform for graphic design.
  89. @JohnTMeyer–Brofounder of @9Clouds. I create understanding through visuals @lemonly. Rocking SoDak.
  90. @JesseMecham–Financial Physician, Father, Founder of YouNeedABudget.com (YNAB).
  91. @CaitlinMC–Founder of Real Bullets Branding, farm to table lover, Sour Patch Kid enthusiast, I solve problems and make life more fun.
  92. @ThinkingCapsUSA–Getting kids excited about learning: study tips, homework help, and test prep!
  93. @TMauch–I’m an entrepreneur and love creating new biz’s… & a little golf on the side
  94. @Indinero–The fastest growing way for businesses to track their money.
  95. @ShaneMac–I bought my followers. Director of Product at Zaarly. Founder, author, musician.
  96. @Entrustet–Free, secure online service that helps you organize and prepare last wishes for your digital assets.
  97. @JunLoayza–Build a successful startup or die trying
  98. @illvp–Founder of The Illuminated Ventures Project LLC (IllVP). Creator of @Producism. @YEC Member. Economic Activist. Web Social Entrepreneur.
  99. @Juhaliika–Location Independent Entrepreneur, Online Product Creator, Web Developer, Blogger, World Traveler and a HUGE Fitness Geek. @ Me and say Hi!
  100. @WallStreetOasis–One of the largest and most entertaining finance communities online.
  101. @theYEC–An invite-only org comprised of the most promising young entrepreneurs. YEC promotes entrepreneurship as a solution to youth unemployment & underemployment.
  102. @gregrollett–Best-Selling Author, Product Creator, Social Media + Direct Marketing Pro.
  103. @Drusenko–Weebly Founder, part-time DJ and traveling enthusiast
  104. @Arsachs–Co-founder of Ignighter.com, Startup enthusiast, first time serial entrepreneur
  105. @MarcosSalazar–Co-Founder & Innovation Catalyst@BeSocialChange| Leadership Researcher for Girl Scouts | Author of The Turbulent Twenties Survival Guide | Social Entrepreneur
  106. @RealLifeE–Real Life E takes you from feeling guilty, overwhelmed & frustrated to feeling peaceful, confident and accomplished through Schedule Makeovers(tm)
  107. @DanSchawbel–Managing Partner at Millennial Branding, personal branding expert, #1 international bestselling author of Me 2.0, speaker, & BusinessWeek columnist.
  108. @DavidSchnurman–I am the President of Lawline.com & CEO of TrueNYC. These companies provide online education to attorneys and entrepreneurs.
  109. @ScanDigital–We specialize in converting old photos and home movies to digital format, allowing you to preserve, share and enjoy your old memories again and forever!
  110. @ArielleScott–Part artist. Part entrepreneur. Full badass. Founded @Genjuice. Also, ex-choreographer & house music fiend.
  111. @Ramit–Author of the New York Times bestseller, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Specialty in persuasion and behavioral change. Formerly co-founded PBwiki.
  112. @Risk–I tweet about funny comics, marketing, and fun facts.
  113. @JacobShare–Job Search Expert, Professional Blogger, Creative Thinker, Community Builder with a sense of humor. I like to help people.
  114. @JoshShipp–Teen Behavior Expert. Host of JUMP SHIPP. Author THE TEEN’S GUIDE TO WORLD DOMINATION. Entrepreneur named to INC’s 30 under 30.
  115. @MSinensky–Village Pourhouse, Hudson Terrace, sideBAR, Little Town
  116. @NatalieSisson–I’m a Suitcase Entrepreneur addicted to travel, Frisbee & using online tools & social media to run my biz from anywhere and this cool blog
  117. @Slobotski–Family. Founder of @SiliconPrairie and@BigOmaha. Working on building the community while striving for matching socks and a balanced diet.
  118. @SoundSphereMag–An online and print alternative music and culture magazine based in the North of England working with local and international artists.
  119. @SpychResearch–CEO, Market Research & Strategy Consulting, helping people, living life to the fullest, travel, food, technology, music and sports
  120. @OmarJunkMan–Trash man numero uno aka CEO of College Hunks Hauling Junk aka Omar Soliman
  121. @Audimated–Audimated.com helps independent artists and fans promote, discover new music, and make money all at the same time! Love Music, Make Money!
  122. @RyanStephens–Marketing Coordinator @ MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center | Voracious Reader | Runner | Connector
  123. @KellySutton–I started @HackCollege, Cult of Less and@LayerVault. Hungry. Foolish.
  124. @TimothySykes–Teacher. Trader. Author. Blogger. Founder of@profitly @investimonials
  125. @Siamak–Co-founder & CEO, Grasshopper. Co-founder, Chargify & PopSurvey.
  126. @14ClicksNick–I teach young people how to become successful entrepreneurs.
  127. @genevivetheirs–Founder of Sittercity.com, Chicago’s opera-singing entrepreneur
  128. @ItsAJThomas–Founder of @EntreWorldwide. Blogging about generational equality and value in the workplace and community. Singer,songwriter,closet foodie & ultimate connector.
  129. @nthomley–Leading service provider for people with disabilities and older adults
  130. @RosettaThurman–I help nonprofit leaders + passionate entrepreneurs change the world. Purpose-driven speaker + coach. Social media evangelist. Vegetarian w/a major sweet tooth.
  131. @TammyTibbets–Rocked the prom, and then decided to rock the world. Visit shesthefirst.org to play your part.
  132. @thebizguy–Adam Toren is an award winning Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor & Investor. Co-Founder of YoungEntrepreneur.com. SBBV.com (Small Business BIG Vision!)
  133. @MatthewToren–Matthew Toren is an award winning Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor & Investor. Co-Founder of YoungEntrepreneur.com. Kidpreneurs.org
  134. @vvanpatten–I love new research on relationships with a specialty in families, parents and youth!
  135. @annie_wang–Co-founder/CTO/Creative Director of@HerCampus. On leave from @Harvard. Innovation enthusiast, appreciator of the cute, cheerleader of memes, lover of color.
  136. @tinawells–Entrepreneur, Huffington Post blogger, Black Enterprise Columnist, Author of the Mackenzie Blue series, and @ChasingGenY
  137. @mattwilsontv–Looking to help every young entrepreneur on the planet! via @Under30CEO
  138. @adamwitty–Adam Witty if the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Advantage Media Group
  139. @blanklabel–Making the luxury of custom more accessible and affordable. Custom dress shirts from $60 to $115. Weekly deals at www.facebook.com/blanklabel
  140. @leawoodward–Brought LocationIndependent.com to life. Founding pioneer at Kinetiva.com. Forever Connecting the Dots to Bring Ideas to Life. Domain Name Addict.
  141. @colinwright–Entrepreneur, author, brand consultant, full-time traveler, living the Exile Lifestyle
  142. @oohlalacandy–A Premier Candy and Gift company dedicated to Celebrating the Sweet Life (everyday) with High Style & Great Taste
  143. @nicknanton–Dad, Husband, Emmy Award Winning Director, Best-Selling Author, Fast Company Blogger, Branding & Marketing Consultant, Songwriter, Musician, Lawyer
  144. @4collegeparents–Info 4 college parents. Tweeting from UniversityParent.com HQ. EO Colorado Member.
  145. @trinityinsight–Trinity Insight presents news and views into eCommerce, SEO, conversion optimization, and web performance
  146. @loganlenz–Founder of Endagon Enterprises, Iced Tees, and some other web companies. Writer, Musician and Lover of all things Good.
  147. @sweatequitees–Clothing for Entrepreneurs. An Expression of Entrepreneurship Nationwide
  148. @shiralazar–Media Empress/spend less time being interesting + more time being interested in people + the world/ Creator+Host @whatstrending live Tues 1pm EST
  149. @louislautman–Speaker, Author, Producer, Philosopher
  150. @entrepreneurpro–18 y/o founder of @MySchoolHelp and@EpicLaunch
  151. @naveed_l–Passionate About Tech, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy And A Bunch Of Other Stuff. Discovering My Next Adventure. Previously Co-Founded @Rally.
  152. @rajlahoti–Jack of all trades, master of fun… world traveler, entrepreneur, & vision-eer.
  153. @yourmindrame–We help the world’s most important causes design, launch, manage and evaluate integrated cross-media campaigns, building movements to sustain missions.
  154. @ysnjen–Passionate evangelist for the next generation global workforce, founder YSN, Author NYTimesBestseller Secrets of the Young & Successful,
  155. @genycoach–Gen Y Blogger – Hungry Learner – Determined Optimist – Coaching millennials to untangle their minds, take action, & create personal/professional success.
  156. @kwamekuadey–CEO/Founder @GiftCardRescue. Small business coach & speaker. I help frustrated employees quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs.
  157. @brettkopf–Co-founder www.remind101.com &@socialbonfire. MSU alumni, Startups, Gen Y entrepreneur, social media nut, outdoor enthusiast.
  158. @onehopewine–The Official Twitter of ONEHOPE Wine. ONEHOPE donates 50% of profits to charity for every bottle purchased.
  159. @pete_kistler–I’m the CEO of BrandYourself, the only web-based toolset for non-techies to look good online, from their Google Results to social media presence.
  160. @bradjkendall–IT Professional, Blogger, Software Developer and Entrepreneur. I am huge geek that loves technology, coffee and business.
  161. @marenkate–One girl on a quest to become a self made man. Founder of @Zirtual
  162. @stephaniekaplan–Co-founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of@HerCampus
  163. @shama–CEO of The Marketing Zen Group. Author. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Foodie. Likes shiny new ideas, puppies, and hot chocolate
  164. @jeremyj–Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at 2tor. Friend and lover of all things start-u
  165. @thederekjohnson–CEO & founder of http://www.tatango.com
  166. @cameronjohnson–TV Personality / Entrepreneur / Author / Speaker
  167. @jordannajaffe–You = a fabulous savvy young woman who wants to clarify her goals and identify her passion. Me = the person who will show you how.
  168. @heatherhuhman–You = a fabulous savvy young woman who wants to clarify her goals and identify her passion. Me = the person who will show you how.
  169. @heyshatterbox–We’re growing a video-based community of young professionals who love what they do. Watch. Connect. Make Your Mark
  170. @invoker–CEO @hootsuite, Founder @invoke. I surf, paraglide, rock climb, am learning to walk on hands and addicted to yoga. Tell me a something funny.
  171. @kent_healey–Location independent entrepreneur, speaker, real estate investor, and author of 6 books. Follow me for concise insights for an uncommon life.
  172. @windsorhanger–Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, Publisher & President of Her Campus Media
  173. @alexhandy1–Skiing, sports and entrepreneurship for more than profit
  174. @ishitagupta–founder Fear.less
  175. @bpgulak–Entrepreneur Student Inventor
  176. @susangkoger–founder and creative officer of ModCloth.com. my life in two words? fashion and pugs.
  177. @brentongeiser–Entrepreneur that forgot about success a while back, now focusing on creating value! Now creating @BeSocialChange and @HeyJoynIn.
  178. @bertrandgervais–Mentorship Evangelist, Passionate Promoter of Perfect Mentees, HR Consultant, Crusading to Make Average History. Loves Haitian Mangoes 🙂
  179. @mattgarland–Big Kid 🙂 New-age editor helping next-gen authors craft shareable books. Editorial Director for@beAccidental. Master wordsmith. Non-linear creative. Go-giver
  180. @saulgarlick–Saul Garlick is the President & CEO of ThinkImpact.
  181. @therisetothetop–Creator/Host of the The Rise To The Top: The #1 Web Show & Resource For Mediapreneurs | Show Host, Video Blogger, Author, Entertainer | Fitness Enthusiast
  182. @talentegg–TalentEgg.ca is Canada’s online career resource for students and recent graduates
  183. @onabags–ONA is a purveyor of fine camera bags and accessories
  184. @secondglass–Your unpretentious, badass source for baller wine info and creators of #wineriot
  185. @dougfath–Real Estate Investor, Educator, Coach, Author
  186. @nickfriedman1–Entrepreneur, Author (www.EffortlessEntrepreneur.com), Speaker, and President of College Hunks Hauling Junk
  187. @rahimthedream–ceo & co-founder of involver, public speaker and former freestyle emcee
  188. @mybodytutor–What good is ANY diet or exercise plan (even if it’s ‘the perfect one’) if you can’t stick with it? My company, and my tweets, helps you stick with it!
  189. @brettfarmiloe–Published author, company founder, product manager, keynote speaker, and a history of bringing ideas to life
  190. @greenhornboston–Connecting Boston area entrepreneurs to the resources, events, organizations and Jobs! in the region.
  191. @joshallan–Work revolutionary, author, speaker. Founder of Strengths Doctors (@strengthsdocs). I help leaders design work environments that don’t suck.
  192. @kadedworkin–Working with social media. Founder of Interact.ly. Advisor to PharmaCapture. Aston Villa fan.
  193. @break9to5jail–Information & inspiration to help aspiring entrepreneurs break the 9 to 5 jail and start a business based on their purpose, passion, and priorities!
  194. @jasonduff–Jason Duff is an acclaimed speaker, real estate developer and award winning Entrepreneur.
  195. @jasondrohn–love problem solving, internet marketing, business building, reading, writing and animals…
  196. @andydrish–Entrepreneur. Speaker. Traveler. Owner of the Referral Squirrel, the most effective system for generating referrals for real estate professionals
  197. @ericabiz–Made first million at 26; now rockin’ out as a startup CEO, speaker, & blogger. Follow me for business tips & money/investing advice!
  198. @lindsey_donner–Writer, editor, and co-founder of @wvc_, an energetic two-person creative studio. We do custom web design & copy. Questions? Say hi!
  199. @frontrush–Web-based Athletic Recruit, Roster, and Alumni Management Software for College Coaches
  200. @jackdelosa–The Entourage is a business advisory firm for Gen Ys.
  201. @entreprecurious–me likey startups, web 2.0 stuff, & authentic international food. I am now Uncle Jesse
  202. @coolpeoplecare–Providing ideas, links and connections to help you save the world. And some cool T-shirts
  203. @thecutlergroup–The Cutler Group is an integrated marketing agency that strategically creates the right solutions based on your key objectives and our big ideas.
  204. @mattchevy–Co-founder of @proofbranding. Entrepreneur. Brander. Designer. Writer. Speaker. Spoon Bender.
  205. @petechatmon–Award-Winning Filmmaker. Eternal Entrepreneur. By the minute Storyteller.
  206. @bencathers–I’m a 20 something entrepreneur who is passionate about Startups, Social Media, NYC, The Yankees, Jets, MMA/Jiu-Jitsu & Central Park
  207. @justcreative–Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, Web Designer, Blogger, Creative Thinker, Social Media Nut, Freelancer, Link Sharer.
  208. @danielbru–18 year-old entrepreneur. Founder & CEO of Teens in Tech Labs. Evangelist, Silicon Valley at JESS3. Advisor at Everyme.
  209. @ambassadorbruny–Creator of www.TheArtOfConferenceNetworking.Com Philosophies: 1.Run the point from where u r with what u have. 2.Don’t die w/ ur music inside u.
  210. @natebro–internet entrepreneur and investor. I also much like the travel.
  211. @missoandfriends–Coolest website for tween girls out there! A place for them to make friends, talk SAFELY to other girls, play games, be creative & have fun!
  212. @jenny_blake–Author of Life After College (2011). Blogger. Coach. Football Fanatic. Coffee Addict. Yoga Lover/Teacher. Dessert Fiend. Gadget Freak. Personal Growth Obsessed.
  213. @lisanicolebell–Renaissance Woman 2.0 | Media Personality + Content Producer + Filmmaker + Entrepreneur | Lover of God + Film + People + Travel + Books + Design + Laughing
  214. @cjbrandt–Exec Director of @shesthefirst, contributing ed@Glamour, proponent for girls’ education, writer, reader, connoisseur of mozzarella sticks.
  215. @bragiel–likes associating with creative people. partner at i/o. previously ceo of lefora, meetro & paragon5.
  216. @businessbeware–co-founder of Business Beware. A small business owner who speaks the truth. co-host of@BizBewareShow
  217. @erinblaskie–A girl involved in a hot passionate love affair with the Internet. Digital vanguard. Founder of @bsetc. I help entrepreneurs build profitable online businesses.
  218. @laurenmbias–Founder and CEO of Luxury Market Branding, and Owner of Sugarleaf Vineyards. Former model turned wine expert, marketing pro, mom, entrepreneur, philanthropist.
  219. @rbeyeler–Boston area entrepreneur, web technology aficionado and WordPress enthusiast.
  220. @internqueen–Lauren Berger is the Intern Queen! Find Internships. Get Interns. Join the Intern Queen Hot List by contacting us
  221. @dougbend–Doug is an attorney who specializes in advising start-ups and small businesses. He is experienced in forming and growing business entities of all types.
  222. @scottbelsky–Leading @Behance and @the99percent in the noble pursuit to organize the creative world; Author of Making Ideas Happen
  223. @scottbecker–Technical entrepreneur, advisor, and angel investor. Scott was Co-Founder/CTO of Invite Media, a venture backed advertising startup acquired by Google in 2010.
  224. @corbettbarr–Encouraging entrepreneurs who want to create meaningful work AND live a fun and adventurous life. Founder of @ThinkTraffic
  225. @baldwinsaid–Brand consultant who’s passionate about giving people the resources to embrace and project an attitude of confidence and success.
  226. @beatthegmat–Beat The GMAT is the world’s largest MBA social network. Join us for free!
  227. @ideapaintjeff–Co-Founder of IdeaPaint, Passionate about traveling, skiing, anything outdoors, & am a big fan of creative people
  228. @stephauteri–I am a one-stop shop for all that is word nerdy. Career coach to word nerds, writer and editor, funeral singer, cat lady, hoop dancer, recluse.
  229. @ReTargeter–Ad network based in SF. We help SMBs make their brand unforgettable and increase sales conversations. Give
  230. @BTTRventures–2 Green Entrepreneurs take on coffee waste: an easy grow-at-home mushroom kit grown on 100% recycled coffee grounds!
  231. @loopt–Be an insider everywhere with Loopt! Follow us for Twitter contests / giveaways, geo-social news and sneak peeks from Loopt HQ.
  232. @ryanallis–CEO @iContact, entrepreneur, social media lover,@Virante Chair, investor via HumanityFund.com, @Nourish_Intl Chair. International development nerd on side.
  233. @amandaaitken–Creator of The Girl’s Guide to Web Design: Teaching you to ditch your fear of code, unleash your inner designer and create an awe-inspiring blog or site!
  234. @seanaiken–Author, The One-Week Job Project: One Man, One Year, 52 Jobs (Random House: May 5, 2010). Documentary coming soon!
  235. @thehangovercure–Beer fueled tweets from Nate Day, spokesman for The Hangover Cure, the world’s first EXTREME hangover prevention product. Cheers.

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