How Does an Entrepreneur Make Money?

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship / August 17, 2022
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Most people are curious about how entrepreneurs make money. After all, it’s well known how sometimes they struggle to arrange finances for their business. And once the funding is secured, they give it all to their business to run it smoothly. So amidst all this, how does an entrepreneur generate revenue? The journey of entrepreneurship is pretty challenging. There’s a lot of hard work and planning. You have…

What Habits Will Make You Money?

by / ⠀Blog Investment Personal Finance / July 29, 2022

Everyone wants to make money, right? But very few manage to accumulate wealth as they desire. But not many are willing to ask what habits will make you money. There’s a reason that Jeff Bezos is considered such a success. And not everyone can be expected to come up with a unique idea like Snapchat and make it a success. However, the truth is, making money isn’t really…

How to Sell a Company and Gain More than Financial Security

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / January 8, 2015

The wire transfer from the sale of our company went through in November 2006.  The security I desired, however, came several years later. I was sitting in my office, which I had never bothered to decorate because I was so focused on my long-term happiness that I denied many short-term pleasures. Nine months of deal documents, lawyers, accountants, due diligence, and valuation models all led to this moment,…