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Defeating Gen Y Bias

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship / January 11, 2014

As young professionals, we have been tagged with a bias that we must overcome before we can truly be effective, engaged team members. Young professionals lack the experience to be viewed as productive members of a team until they “put in their due.” Like all biases, this can be undeserved, but for the most part is very true. Talent alone will not convince a thriving company of your…

Why My CEO Under 30 Can Beat Your Baby Boomer CEO

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / January 10, 2014

  Young – very young – people can possess both the personality and the skills to lead a business into interstellar success.  For many types of enterprises, they may even be better equipped than their baby boomer counterparts (the age group that is now firmly ensconced in many corner offices).  The reasons have to do with technological know-how, willingness to ask for help when it is needed, and…

Young Professionals – New Employees, Same Problems

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship Startup Advice / November 25, 2013

I am a Generation Y, Millennial, Generation We, Global Generation, Generation Next and Net Generation employee. Young professionals are called by a variety of names, but one can be certain that the next generation of employees bring a new set of challenges and advancements to the workplace. Much research is being done to characterize and categorize the individuals born after “Generation Xers” in the early 1980’s to the…

Is Gen Y Lazy? No, but maybe your assessment of them is.

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / October 23, 2013

  It’s not uncommon to find journalists who proclaim Gen Y as a selfish generation too engrossed in their digital culture to understand the importance of hard work or doing things the right way without cutting corners. At the same time most of these journalists would agree that today’s graduates are entering the working world characterized by an ever more rapidly evolving set of tools and designed specifically…

Why Twenty Something’s are Best Suited to Start a Business

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Startup Advice / September 19, 2013

Many years ago it was easy for a twenty-something to get discouraged. Plenty of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs were older. They had put in their time, paid their dues and now they were reaping the rewards.  It appeared that the older you were, the more power you had. But that’s not the case anymore. Twenty-something’s are emerging and they’re utilizing technology to dominate their industries and change the…

Why Gen Y Needs to Build Something That Lasts Forever

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship / September 11, 2013

I’ve been off the radar for a little bit.  Not writing much…. In the depths of summer, grinding it out in New York City building a company. Sometimes I ask myself, is this for me? This week I lost my voice.  Why?  Because I didn’t sleep much.  I was at the office at 7:45AM, back to back to back sales calls, two meetings, being interviewed on a podcast,…

Be a Quitter! 9 Things That Will Teach You to Quit

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship / September 10, 2013

  How many times have you told someone or yourself to ‘never give up’? I know that I’ve done it many, many times. As I cycled 450km through one of the world’s toughest mountain bike trails, I told myself hourly not to quit. But there are times where you just NEED to quit! I remember sitting in the office knowing that I shouldn’t be there. I wanted to…

Why Generation Y Is Looking For A Job That Doesn’t Exist

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship / August 22, 2013

“Generation Y stands at the forefront of the next chapter in mankind’s evolution: experiencing everything while going nowhere” wrote Bob Lutz in a Forbes article, and as a card-carrying member of Gen Y, I’d have to say I agree. No, really, I’d have to say it because I, like the rest of us, am compelled to offer my opinion up to the Internet no matter what the topic.…

Getting Ahead Without Getting an MBA

by / ⠀Startup Advice / January 25, 2012

When addressing the question of MBA degrees, the camp is largely divided. Proponents of the MBA are quick to highlight the numerous advantages of the program, including: working closely with successful and brilliant people from across the globe; exceptional professional networking and internship opportunities; and, learning proven strategies and cutting-edge insights in the field. Above and beyond those benefits, MBA’s also prepare graduates for a wide array of…

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