_Finance: A Complete Guide

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Personal Finance / April 26, 2022
It's never been easier to start investing in the market, thanks in large part to the growing popularity of finance and online stock apps.

First, what is _finance? Finance is a broad term overarching many categories, such as money management. Investing, personal budgeting, banking. It is about learning how to use money, or value, to accomplish goals. Learn how to own your finance like a boss. Before getting into how to own finance, we want to talk about the amazing application – WhatAGraph – that is sponsoring this post. With WhatAGraph and…

Investing At The Beach? Full-Time Investing

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / March 22, 2022
5 Things To Know In Order To Succeed In Real Estate

Whether you’re new to investing or transitioning to a full-time investment business, there’s no need to rush. Investing in real estate can be profitable; however, it takes time to build a strong portfolio and generate a real profit. Soon you will be chilling at the beach as a full-time investor. Tips for Transition to Full-Time Investing Here are four tips for a smooth transition to a full-time investor…

4 Ways to Invest in Yourself As an Entrepreneur

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship / January 28, 2021
When you're a business owner, you tend to think about investments a lot. Here we discuss how entrepreneurs can invest in self-improvement.

In the business world, we spend a lot of time talking about investments, diversification, and training. But we rarely discuss these terms within the context of our own self-improvement. Perhaps it’s time we begin? You are your greatest asset. Money, intellectual property, products, and employees are great…but you’re nothing without your own knowledge, wisdom, and expertise. And if you’re going to be successful for years to come, you…

5 Most Common Mistakes Investors Make

by / ⠀Personal Finance / March 11, 2014

Investment is studying the market trends carefully and yet not depending too much on past records of a particular stock that is showing up returns too good to last long. Investors make mistakes in not analyzing one’s risks properly, overdoing investment amount and showing impatience. As a newbie investor contemplating on making the best use of your savings by making an investment through opening up a brokerage account…

The Dating Game: Preparing Your Investor Pitch

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Funding Startup Advice / November 24, 2013

Maybe you’re still immersed in the dating scene. Perhaps you haven’t ventured into that realm for more than 20 years. Either way, if you’re getting ready to pitch investors on your company, you need to practice your wooing skills. Linking up with investors requires you to impress, and there isn’t much difference between a bad pickup line and a poorly formulated investment pitch. Here’s how to make your…

5 Reasons You Should Not Save Your Money

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Personal Finance / November 24, 2013
saving money

  Saving money is counterproductive. While it’s true that you need to save some money, as repugnant as the idea may be, saving for an emergency, an unforeseen calamity and to create a nest egg for eventual investment are all valid reasons to save money. Beyond that, saving is an exercise in futility and here are five reasons why. If you save $100 per week in your cookie…

Education Is Good, But What Kind?

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Personal Finance / October 9, 2013

Education is good. It is good in a different way and for different purposes than you might have thought. College is necessary. It is needed for the advancement of technology, humanity, and to make sure we live like humans. There is no better indicator of societal advancement than the level of education the masses receive. The conventional wisdom that investing in a college education is the best way…

Investability of a Startup: Interview with BoxGroup’s David Tisch

by / ⠀Entrepreneur Interviews Entrepreneurship / August 27, 2013

David Tisch’s entrepreneurial journey started like many children’s – buying and selling baseball cards.  Setting up a table at trade shows turned into selling cards online in the late 90’s.   Although the bulk of his baseball card collection no longer exists due to a busted pipe in his parents’ basement, David and BoxGroup co-founder Adam Rothenberg are collecting something else – investments in startups.  In just three and…

What I Learned From Raising a Series A

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / April 26, 2013

Recently, we announced a $5 million Series A round of financing. We started raising this round and talking to investors in late fall of last year. As you can probably imagine, going through this process involves taking a step back from the day-to-day work and looking at our overall strategy and evolution. Fundraising forces you to come up with a coherent way to explain your business model to someone…

The 3 Best Reasons to Become an Angel Investor

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / April 18, 2013

We’re in a startup culture right now. Any kid who can code has a potential five-year path to the land of billionaires, and it’s become dull and commonplace (but still impressive) to meet yet another entrepreneur at a social gathering. It used to be that artists and writers carried the most mystique; that’s not so anymore. But living in a culture that celebrates startups and entrepreneurs is not…