Where vs. If: Changing The Way We Look At College

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / June 18, 2014

More than once this past summer I found myself wondering: “What’s wrong with me?”  While my friends excitedly discussed their dream schools and the fears of rejection, I was struggling with a fundamentally different question: should I attend college at all? As I fill out my college applications, tuition rates continue to soar, saddling students with oppressive loan debt while a stagnant economy diminishes job prospects for graduates. Higher…

5 Most Common Mistakes Investors Make

by / ⠀Personal Finance / March 11, 2014

Investment is studying the market trends carefully and yet not depending too much on past records of a particular stock that is showing up returns too good to last long. Investors make mistakes in not analyzing one’s risks properly, overdoing investment amount and showing impatience. As a newbie investor contemplating on making the best use of your savings by making an investment through opening up a brokerage account…

Why Your Health is Your #1 Business Asset

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Health & Fitness / September 27, 2013

Running a business, although rewarding and exciting, is almost alwaysphysically and emotionally demanding. Answering the inevitable flood of emails, attending meetings, and finding new partnerships and opportunities are just a few of the things that tax your time. Of course, there is more to your daily life both inside and outside the office, but if you have a tendency to prioritize work over working on yourself then you…

5 Investment Mistakes Even Smart People Make

by / ⠀Personal Finance / September 5, 2013

If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich? A lot of smart people ask themselves that question, especially as they struggle to keep up with the bills and worry about an inadequately funded retirement. In my work consulting with entrepreneurs, I commonly find that they spend so much time juggling the competing demands of their business that they take little time to analyze their personal saving, spending, and…

5 Pieces of Investment Advice Entrepreneurs Should Ignore

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / March 28, 2012

Entrepreneurs know what it takes to get things done. When it comes to funding your ventures, making decisive management calls, and propelling projects forward – you’re motivated and effective. But because of your intensely focused approach, you often overlook some of the key investment considerations that will help you become a sustainable “career” entrepreneur. Every startup includes risk, but if you take a broad view of investment strategy,…

Pitching to Investors at Y Combinator Growing Rapidly

by / ⠀Funding / August 26, 2010

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal shows that the Y Combinator has grown tremendously in the 5 years since its launch. Y Combinator is a program for startup companies that provides them with resources, mentorship and connections for a small piece of equity. There are many similar programs that have popped up over the years but the Y Combinator is one of the most established and…

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