The Skill of Project Delegation: Best Tips to Improve

by / ⠀Career Advice / August 1, 2022
project delegation

As a higher-ranking member of your company, you need a variety of skills in day-to-day management. One particular skill needed is delegation. Delegating your team or whole company is vital to the business and to keep it running. If your position is in management, then project delegation over multiple important projects or groups running at the same time is a necessity. Learning to improve these skills allows you…

Why Persuasion is the #1 Skill for Entrepreneurs

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / February 4, 2015

Before we start, let’s agree on a working definition of persuasion. “Persuasion is how we can make people change the way they think, feel or behave.” It covers a wide variety of techniques that you can use to influence the mind of others… And don’t consider persuasion as something that you have to put up with, consider it as something you should use. “We all sell something a…

Pitching Part 2: How To Be Confident!

by / ⠀Blog Startup Advice / February 23, 2012

I really like demonstrating through example’s rather than just saying do X and X and you’ll win. I like providing some background. When you tell someone to do something, 50/50 they’ll do it. When you give people a compelling reason why they should do it, 100% they’ll do it. Gaining confidence and getting over pitch anxiety seems like the question I should answer in this post. How do I get…