The Best Destinations for Active Corporate Retreats 

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If you’re responsible for organizing your corporate retreat, consider choosing a destination that will leave everyone with memories to treasure. After all, company getaways are the perfect opportunity for the team to bond and make lasting memories outside of work. So, it makes sense to make it more enjoyable and plan activities that everyone can participate. If you need ideas, here are the best destinations for active corporate retreats.

Italy for Hiking

Hiking has been a favorite activity in corporate retreats for good reasons. Aside from being incredibly rewarding, taking scenic walks is a fantastic opportunity for your staff to bond and get to know each other outside of work. Make hiking even more exciting by taking the team to Italy. The stunning country offers various trekking opportunities, from short scenic trails to multi-day hikes to the mountains.

The Dolomites offer some of the most rewarding and beautiful hikes in Italy. It promises a unique hiking adventure, thanks to its diverse landscapes featuring spectacular scenery. Take the team on an easy hiking adventure at Tre Cime di Lavaredo Loop, about 20 miles from Cortina. The 10-kilometer trail will take you to the foot of the mountains, featuring incredible mountain scenery. You can take the shuttle to the starting point of the hike. Most paths are flat and are suitable for all levels of hikers.

Another fun and easy hiking adventure in Italy, perfect for corporate retreats, is the trail towards Monte Vesuvius, about 16 miles from Pompeii or Naples. The hike begins in the parking lot of Vesuvio National Park before ascending to 850 feet in one mile. It’s a short 35-mile hike offering stunning views of the Gulf of Naples.

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Spain for Cycling

Cycling is a fun activity to consider for your corporate retreat, especially if you have active employees. It’s an incredible way to improve relationships among the team and increase belongingness within the organization. Cycling is even more enjoyable if it takes place in beautiful countries like Spain. Spain offers many fantastic places to cycle, from the rolling terrains of Mallorca to the challenging climbs of Sierra Nevada.

While Mallorca and Tenerife are more established as cycling destinations in Spain, Gran Canaria is catching up. The Canary Island is earning a reputation as a fantastic cycling destination, perfect for corporate retreats. Aside from the breathtaking cycling trails, Gran Canaria has many beautiful beaches and resorts. After your cycling adventure, you can treat the team to a relaxing beach getaway in one of Gran Canaria’s luxurious resorts.

Also worth considering is Costa Almeria, a beautiful coastal region sandwiched by Granada and Murcia. It is a relatively quiet area, offering an exciting cycling experience. But despite not being as famous as the other tourist regions in Spain, it hosts the yearly cycling event called Gran Fondo Costa Almeria. If your team is up for some challenge, you can cycle the 185-km route with over 3,000 meters of elevation gain.

Greece for Island Hopping

Island hopping is a great way to bond with the team while enjoying the stunning views of the ocean and the islands. So, fly the team to Greece, one of the world’s most beautiful countries. While the Greek mainland is fun to explore, its islands are a delight to discover on an island-hopping adventure.

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Planning your corporate island hopping in Greece is not as daunting as it seems. The first step is to decide which island you will fly into, which will serve as the starting point of your island-hopping adventure. The bigger islands like Mykonos and Santorini have international airports, so they are the best options for starting your Greek adventures.

If you’re flying into Mykonos or Santorini, the Cyclades would be the perfect itinerary for your island hopping. The island chain is home to some of Greece’s most idyllic islands, with stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque whitewashed villages. Aside from Santorini and Mykonos, you can visit Naxos, Delos, Paros, and Milos.

Consider working with a travel company that can plan your team’s Greek island-hopping getaway. It makes everything easier, especially during the peak summer months. The company can arrange everything, from accommodation to transportation and activities.

Switzerland for Skiing

Skiing is fun, especially if you’re in a group. So, if you’re looking for a fantastic activity for your corporate getaway, take your team to Switzerland for a skiing holiday. Even if you are new to the slopes, skiing in a group doubles the fun. Take advantage of the group ski lessons in some of the ski resorts in Switzerland.

Consider booking an entire luxury ski chalet to yourselves, allowing you to bond after a day at the slopes. You can stay in places with multiple rooms and have facilities like an outdoor pool, hot tub, and spa.

Zermatt is the top destination for skiing in Switzerland and a perfect choice for your corporate retreat. It’s a fantastic winter sports destination, offering epic skiing and outdoor adventures. In Zermatt, your team can conquer over 200 km of pistes, offering something for all levels of skiers. You can also ski from Zermatt towards the border to Italy, offering an even more incredible skiing holiday.

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Croatia for Historical Sightseeing

Team building trip is a popular strategy for corporate retreats as it helps improve relations and productivity in the workplace, allowing colleagues to bond and work together towards a common goal. One of the best destinations for a team-building trip is Croatia, a beautiful country home to picturesque historical cities that are a joy to explore with your team.

As soon as your team arrives in Croatia, you’ll immediately feel the richness of the country’s history. The best place to start your sightseeing adventure is in the old city of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to fascinating ancient structures, including the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary.

The Pula Arena is another fascinating place for historical sightseeing in Croatia. It’s a Roman amphitheater from the 1st Century AD built during the region of Emperor Vespasian, the same emperor behind the Colosseum of Rome.

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