Threads reaches 100 Million Users: Zuckerberg taunts Musk

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Threads reaches 100 Million Users: Zuckerberg taunts Musk

The competition between tech titans Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg has reached new heights with the rapid rise of Meta’s Threads app. In just five days since its launch, Threads has surpassed the 100 million user mark, making it one of the fastest-growing apps in history. This unprecedented success has sent shockwaves through the industry, especially for rival platform Twitter, which has been experiencing a decline in traffic since Musk’s involvement. As tensions rise, insults are exchanged, and the battle for social media dominance intensifies, let’s delve into the remarkable journey of Threads and its potential implications for the future of social networking.

The Meteoric Rise of Threads – Threads, introduced as a direct competitor to Musk’s troubled company, has taken the world by storm. Analytics firm SensorTower reports that Threads is currently the most downloaded app on both iPhone and Android platforms. This remarkable achievement has left industry experts and even Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri in awe, as he expressed his disbelief at the staggering number of signups. The exponential growth of Threads has even overshadowed other headline-grabbing apps like ChatGPT, solidifying its position as a force to be reckoned with in the social media landscape.

A Battle of Billionaires – The success of Threads has not gone unnoticed by Elon Musk, who has shown a range of reactions to the app’s rapid growth. From downplaying any concerns about it to criticizing Meta’s alleged social media monopoly, Musk’s responses have been varied and at times even confrontational. In a recent tweet, he referred to Zuckerberg as a “cuck,” a derogatory term that sparked further controversy. Zuckerberg seems unfazed by Musk’s provocations and instead responds with mocking references to Musk’s Twitter behavior.
Threads vs. Twitter: The Traffic Dilemma – While Threads continues its meteoric rise, Twitter is facing a significant decline in traffic. According to Mathew Prince, CEO of network service company Cloudflare, visits to Twitter have been steadily decreasing since Musk’s involvement in the platform, with the trend intensifying in recent weeks. This decline has prompted concerns about the future of Twitter as an influential social networking platform. With Threads surpassing expectations and Twitter’s traffic “tanking,” the landscape of social media is undoubtedly undergoing a significant shift.
The Threads Advantage: Built on Instagram’s Network – One key factor contributing to Threads’ early success is its integration with the Instagram network. The app’s seamless sign-up process allows users to effortlessly build their network by connecting with friends and followers from Instagram. While this advantage alone may not guarantee long-term sustainability, it presents a significant opportunity to destabilize Twitter’s already faltering position. Even if Threads were to fail, Meta could still emerge victorious if it weakens one of the few major competitors in the social media realm.
The Twitter Exodus and Rising Competitors – Musk’s involvement in Twitter has triggered a migration of users to alternative platforms. Initially, Mastodon gained traction as the go-to alternative, but its momentum has waned in recent times. However, another rising star called Bluesky has emerged as a strong contender, experiencing record signups after Musk’s decision to limit the number of posts users could see. Although Bluesky’s one million signups may seem modest compared to Threads’ 100 million users, it is important to note that Bluesky is still invite-only and lacks the vast user base of Instagram.
Meta’s Victory Lap: A Race to the Starting Line – As Threads reaches new milestones, Meta executives are celebrating their achievements. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri took to Threads to express his gratitude and promise further enhancements to the app. These improvements include features such as hashtags, post editing capabilities, a page for trending topics, and the potential for automatic post archiving after 30 days. Mosseri acknowledges that despite their early successes, the team still has work to do to make Threads truly exceptional. Nonetheless, their determination and commitment to excellence bode well for the future of Meta and its endeavors in the social media landscape.
Conclusion: A Paradigm Shift in Social Networking – With Threads’ unprecedented growth and Twitter’s declining traffic, the dynamics of social networking are undergoing a significant transformation. Meta’s Threads app has emerged as a formidable competitor, challenging the dominance of established players like Twitter. As the battle between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg rages on, it remains to be seen how this rivalry will shape the future of social media. One thing is certain: Threads has made its mark as a game-changer in the industry, and its success heralds a new era in the world of social networking.


1. How did Threads achieve such rapid growth?

Threads’ integration with the Instagram network played a crucial role in its rapid growth. By leveraging the existing user base of Instagram, Threads was able to provide a seamless sign-up process and an instant network of friends and followers.

2. What are the implications of Threads’ success for Twitter?

Threads’ success has intensified concerns about Twitter’s future. With a decline in traffic and the rise of formidable competitors like Threads and Bluesky, Twitter is facing significant challenges in maintaining its position as a leading social networking platform.

3. How is Elon Musk involved in the rivalry between Threads and Meta?

Elon Musk has been vocal about his opinions on Meta and its social media dominance. His involvement in Twitter has also triggered a migration of users to alternative platforms, including Bluesky. Musk’s confrontations with Mark Zuckerberg have added fuel to the fire, further escalating the competition between the two billionaires.

4. What future enhancements can we expect for Threads?

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has promised several improvements for Threads, including the addition of features like hashtags, post editing capabilities, a page for trending topics, and the potential for automatic post archiving. These enhancements aim to further enhance the user experience and solidify Threads’ position in the social media landscape.

5. How does Threads’ success impact Meta?

Threads’ success is a significant victory for Meta, as it not only establishes the app as a major player in the social media realm but also weakens one of the few major competitors. Despite the challenges ahead, Threads’ growth represents a promising future for Meta and its endeavors in the digital landscape.

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