Top 10 Ways for College Students to Earn Money

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college students earn money

Do you find it impossible to make ends meet in college? Is the cost of studying growing by the hour? With textbooks, tuition, meals, transport, and accommodation fees, most students have difficulties staying within budget. Even worse, they graduate with a terrible financial situation. Plus, it’s hard to find time to earn money and study.

So what can you do to survive as a college student without taking excessive debt? The first thought that comes to mind is to find a part-time job to settle your expenses. And you’re 100% right. To help you out, we share ten practical ways to make money while at university. Keep reading and find your next challenge!

What Makes an Excellent Side Hustle for Students? 

The ideal job won’t distract you from studying and interfere with your lectures. Hence, your best shot is to find a flexible gig that doesn’t drain you physically and mentally. Still, what you find must be financially reasonable and support you through tough times.

That’s why we narrowed our picks to jobs that involve little investment. Moreover, you won’t need special equipment, and you can perform most of the tasks from the comfort of your flat or dorm. Finally, the side hustles we suggest are safe and suitable for undergraduates with different skills and interests.

Turn Your Hobby into a Side-Hustle 

When deciding what gig to take, explore your hobbies first. Doing what you love is rewarding and won’t feel like a job. So, if your passion is writing, check your options at Edusson and apply for a position. Or start your blog. Similarly, consider selling your arts and crafts virtually if you’re a creative soul.

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Easiest Ways to Make Money in College 

The options we provide will help you make extra cash on a quick note. Moreover, all ideas are legitimate and require little prior experience. Here is what you can try depending on your inclinations.

Be a Freelance Writer

Freelancing is a straightforward method to boost your income if you’re keen on writing. And if you wonder where to start, there are many sites and blogs to try. For instance, you can contribute to a website that will write an essay for you for money. Skillful writers can consider setting their working timetable to meet specific deadlines.

Also, many businesses hire content creators to help them with writing letters and emails, technical tasks, and brochure composition. Websites like Upwork and FWJ are great places to start your pursuit. Thesis writing websites like employ talented post-graguate students to assist in providing writing service. You can try looking for open positions there

Become a YouTube Video Blogger

For those keen on creating and experimenting with videos, becoming a YouTube blogger is a good way to get paid. Overall, the more views your content gets, the more advertisements it will attract and increase your earnings. On average, YouTube bloggers make about $7 per 1,000 hits. If you promote affiliate offers or sell products, the revenue will grow.

Work as a Freelance Social Media Manager

Enterprises of all sizes have realized that communication networks are an incredible tool that drives sales and raises brand awareness. Hence, many business owners are hiring staff to update their online channels and promote their products and services on new platforms.

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If you have no previous experience, volunteer to help your school group or a local company. It won’t take long before you start applying for positions at established companies willing to pay for your work.

Tutor Peers Who Fall Behind 

Do you excel at math? Are you a science addict? Then, why not use your talent to get cash? Besides earning money, tutoring your peers is noble work, too.

You might also contact the employment office at your university or go to local schools for mentoring opportunities. Signing up through Chegg, Udemy, and HelpHub is another viable option where you can set your timetable and rates.

Edit or Proofread Papers

If your English language is proficient, try finding clients who need a proofreader to review their articles. Besides the monetary part, this parttime engagement is ideal for literature, linguistics, or journalism majors. To begin with, spread the word among your classmates at the college campus that you provide editing services. However, explain that you don’t rewrite their papers but offer feedback and comments.

Try Pet or Babysitting

Are you particularly keen on taking care of little kids? Perhaps you adore walking puppies? If these scenarios seem familiar, try baby or pet sitting for neighbors. If you prove worthy of the obligations, other people will hire you. These jobs are ideal over the weekends when you’re less busy and don’t have to attend classes.

Pass on Your Study Materials 

Having too many books catching dust in your room? Worry not because you can earn money from your class notes, handouts, and other materials. The first step you can take is to sell them to generations that come after you.

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If you find visiting college campuses annoying, get virtual and try Facebook or other platforms fit for the purpose. Typically, the site will get a percentage of the asking price, and you must comply with the eligibility requirements.

Become a Teaching Assistant 

Most teachers find it impossible to juggle all their obligations and desperately need assistance. So, what are you waiting for? Ask your professor directly or speak with the administration office and start helping with research, grading assignments, or doing admin work. Payments can vary, but you might also get discounted tuition to compensate for your efforts.

Deliver Groceries

Food delivery is a popular side gig with lots of tips and flexible hours. All you should do is sign up for service apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Amazon and start delivering. And, no, you won’t be driving, so don’t worry if you have no car.

Fill in Online Surveys

Consider registering on platforms like JumpTask, Survey Junkie, and Pinecone 18-24, where you can earn money, rewards, and free gifts for completing virtual questionnaires from your dorm. The tasks are simple, and you can easily fit them into your schedule. Of course, it’s far from a full-time income but not as challenging as being a virtual assistant or translator.


Making money in college while taking exams is demanding. It takes time, will, and perseverance to endure. However, it is an excellent way to reduce debt after graduation, gain practical knowledge, and boost your savings. Hopefully, this list will help you pick the perfect match for your skill set.

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