Under 30 Asia’s finance innovators shaping the future

by / ⠀News / May 17, 2024
Asia's Innovators

This year’s 30 Under 30 Asia’s Entrepreneurs in Finance & Venture Capital list features innovators such as Aleena Nadeem, who founded Lahore-based startup EduFi. Providing ‘Study Now, Pay Later’ solutions, EduFi facilitates monthly tuition payments for those unable to afford large lump sum payments for higher education. EduFi has expanded considerably during the past six months, doubling its partnerships with colleges throughout Pakistan, securing impressive pre-seed funds of $6.1 million.

Another entrant is Mayank Kumar of India, who co-founded CAPITALZ, a platform which offers tailor-made financial solutions to the underserved. Utilising technology to revolutionise traditional financial services, CAPITALZ has gained significant traction in India’s FinTech sector.

Vietnamese entrepreneur, Anh Dang is also gaining recognition. Dang’s eLoan JSC, an SME lending platform, provides swift and easy access to capital, fostering economic growth.

Other notable figures include Singapore-based Chang Han, CEO and Co-founder of AI-driven financial planning platform Paguru, Yang Xi of JUBEN, whose big data-driven approach has made waves in China’s wealth management industry. Sarkhail Bawany from Pakistan is recognised for Abhi, a platform that allows wage earners to draw on their salaries in emergencies. His meticulous approach has seen Abhi partner with giants such as Unilever Pakistan.

In India, Aalesh Avlani founded Credit Wise Capital.

Asia’s young financial innovators in focus

The company utilizes technology, such as WhatsApp bots, to provide motorcycle loans to first-time borrowers from less developed areas, enhancing their access to new opportunities.

Abdul Gaffar Sadi MD Shahidul Islam has improved access to finance for micro and small-scale businesses in Dhaka through Drutoloan, or ‘quick loan.’ Drutoloan has developed partnerships with banks and financial institutes, providing access to finance and financial advice to entrepreneurs.

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Of note is Mikaela Reyes, co-founder of the Manila-based cross-border payment startup, Parallax. The company provides cost-effective and easy access to cross-border transactions for businesses and individuals in over 150 countries.

All these entrepreneurs illustrate the transformative potential of technology in finance. Their pioneering breakthroughs in wealth management, lending, and cross-border transactions represent how technological advancements can lead to more efficient, inclusive, and accessible financial systems.

Their relentless pursuit illustrates a future where everyone, regardless of their location or circumstance, can access suitable, straightforward financial aid. These visionaries are shaping the financial landscape, making significant strides towards financial support for all those in need.

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