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by / ⠀News / May 7, 2024
Washington Innovation

The University of Washington (UW) has unveiled the new CoMotion premises, a cutting-edge site dedicated to technology commercialization and startup support, in an upgrade plan for the campus’ southwestern quadrant. CoMotion serves as an innovation hub, providing a collaborative environment that fuels the development of new science and technology businesses.

Located in Condon Hall with stunning views of Lake Union and downtown Seattle, the hub’s creative design and prime location inspire innovation. The site features state-of-the-art facilities such as meeting rooms and a business incubator, all tailored to enhance entrepreneurial talent.

The recent renovations form part of a broader plan to transform the southwestern quadrant of the campus into an innovation district which will include CoMotion. Envisioned as a hotbed for startups, it aims to drive economic growth and employment.

The initiative aligns with UW’s goal to augment research, create stronger partnerships, and foster fellowship. François Baneyx, UW’s vice provost for innovation and CoMotion’s director, believes that the new establishment will cultivate a culture of creativity and unresting change, serving as a dynamic platform for scholars, students, and staff to turn their research and ideas into impactful innovations.

Celebrating its opening, CoMotion hosted the first UW Innovation Week, featuring over 60 events across the campus. The $3 million CoMotion center provides diverse workspace options, aiming to be a hub for creativity and innovative activities. Students and faculty are invited to make use of the state-of-the-art facilities.

The inaugural event of the CoMotion center underscored UW’s dedication towards fostering innovative thinking. In addition, the office interior pays tribute to local culture, showcasing Coast Salish tribal art and other regional elements. It also displays the logos of the 285 enterprises CoMotion has helped launch and patents acquired through the program, illustrating the history and growth of the region’s industries. This narrative of entrepreneurship is complemented by practical workspaces designed for modern startups.

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Unveiling Washington university’s innovation hub

CoMotion was previously housed in the Blume building and relocated to Condon Hall in January, now sharing space with the Founders’ Co-op. The center houses UW’s Technology Incubator and Startup Hall. Current plans involve the replacement of the BECU FinTech Incubator hosted in the Startup Hall with another incubator. Despite the location change, the commitment to foster technological innovation persists.

The initiative aims to sustain the thriving tech startup scene in the region by offering dynamic workspaces, workshops and training sessions. Founders’ Co-op unfolds essential resources for startups. The details of the new incubator are yet to be unveiled, but it will build on the legacy of BECU FinTech Incubator, driving further progress in the region’s tech ecosystem.

Lastly, CoMotion holds a significant role in facilitating researchers to launch startups and secure patents for their innovations, bridging the gap between academia and industry. Through licensing, funding, and partnerships, it has assisted inventors to turn their ideas into market-ready products. Consequently, CoMotion continues to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship on the UW campus and beyond.

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