Verdence revamps platform for enhanced wealth management

by / ⠀News / April 19, 2024
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Verdence Capital Advisors, a Maryland-based registered investment advisory firm, has revamped its service platform for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). Managing around $3.3 billion in assets, the company serves a varied clientele, such as entrepreneurs, wealthy families, athletes, and entertainers among others.

The updated platform provides a wider range of services to RIAs. This aims to enrich investors’ financial strategies whilst lessening their operational burden. Comprehensive financial planning, a robust asset management system, and advanced technology integration are included in these enhancements.

Verdence Capital Advisors is devoted to providing substantial support in portfolio construction, risk management, and investment consultation. Their objective is to help their clients maximize their investments. Through offering customized solutions and an experienced team, the firm ensures its clients are prepared to tackle the complexities of the financial landscape.

This revamping reinforces Verdence Capital Advisors as a leader in the asset management sector. It continues their notable journey towards innovating the investment landscape. The firm’s commitment to ongoing improvement is anticipated to benefit both existing and prospective clients, thereby sparking growth for the business and wider investment industry.

The latest news from Verdence Capital Advisors indicates it’s equipped to cope with evolving investment sector challenges, thereby broadening its capabilities and offering clients a more dynamic experience. The company has also undergone a rebranding exercise. This mainly includes expansion of its service suite, alterations to its name, branding aesthetics, and website.

The expansion aims to foster growth and continuity for independent practices and small to medium-sized firms.

Enhancing wealth management: Verdence’s platform revamp

The updated brand identity upholds the values of transparency, collaboration, and innovation. The incorporation of new technological solutions should optimize performance and enhance customer satisfaction.

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The full revamp signals a strategic shift towards assisting businesses navigate the digital landscape efficiently. The company now offers diversified services including digital marketing, strategic consulting, and software development. This makes Verdence a one-stop solution for firms looking to advance their digital capacities.

The new services emphasize the company’s commitment to all aspects of business management. These additions include financial planning resources, succession and continuity planning, compliance assistance, and support for back-office operations. The CEO of Verdence, Leo Kelly, states the transition into Verdence/RIA+ stems from the company’s dedication to evolving with its clients.

Peter McGratty, the director of Verdence/RIA+, underscores the importance of adding continuity and succession planning to their service range. McGratty, with a wealth of experience from Precursor Asset Management and Pinnacle Advisor Solutions believes the company is well-equipped to address advisors’ unique situations. McGratty is confident that Verdence can continue to provide superb service to advisors despite any challenges that come with change.

Established by Kelly in 2017, Verdence Capital Advisors, backed by Emigrant Partners, manages over 6,000 customer accounts. Serving almost 1,500 households and various charity organizations, businesses, and retirement schemes.

Verdence Capital Advisors has a favorable standing within the financial industry due to its commitment to transparency and high ethical standards. The company plans to consolidate its industry position through innovative financial solutions, as well as maintaining its reputation of trust and excellence.

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