Wealth advisor’s success in aiding special needs families

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Wealthy Special-Needs Assistance

Blair Cornell, a seasoned wealth management advisor, based in Miamisburg, Ohio, has successfully forged a place for himself in the competitive field of finance. From an early age, Cornell explored this profession through internships under his father, also a wealth manager, gaining valuable insights about wealth management, portfolio diversification, and client relations. Today, he manages roughly $1.6 billion in client assets.

His relationship with his father extended beyond family ties, fostering a deep bond of mutual advice and friendship. The wisdom and insights he gained from his father were invaluable, shaping his future success. Learning to ultimately value individual expertise and collective wisdom, Cornell honed a robust professional approach, fortified by both technical knowledge and personal mentorship.

Cornell primarily serves wealthy individuals, especially families with special needs children and those interested in legacy planning. His goal is to add value for his clients through extensive strategy and planning services. Among his specialties is the mitigation of tax liabilities and the protection of assets.

Cornell’s expertise in wealth management for special needs families

His personal, customized approach to wealth enhancement meets the individual financial goals of his clients, ensuring their peace of mind.

Cornell utilizes a “bucketing” strategy, categorizing client assets into liquidity, longevity, and legacy segments. This ensures a consistent income for clients, through dividends, interest from bonds, or efficient tax management strategies.

In his wealth management approach, Cornell proposes that an optimal portfolio should contain diversified assets. These assets, including private equity, private credit, or private real estate, can decrease risk while promising high returns. Also, he advises his clients to spread their investment across various markets for further risk mitigation. It not only buffers against possible downturns but also allows for growth in thriving sectors.

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Looking ahead, Cornell anticipates multiple interest rate cuts. His strategy ensures consistent income for clients while leveraging increased interest rates in the fixed income sectors of their portfolios. Additionally, he advises clients to avoid impulsive choices due to political chaos and align their investments with long-term trends.

Adding philanthropy to his portfolio, Cornell developed JoyRide, a unique non-profit car club offering children with special needs opportunities to enjoy rides in high-end cars. It merges his professional life with personal experiences as a father of a child with special needs, and his passion for convertible cars.

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