What Does Success Look Like?

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Let’s talk about what success looks like for you. How do you define success? What comes to mind when you think of success? Is it making your dreams come true? Could be that making yourself wealthy equals success? Buying that sports car you always wanted?

Success is something that cannot be measured. It can’t be compared to others because everyone has their own opinion and thoughts on what success looks like.

So, What Does Success Look Like to You?

As an entrepreneur, there are many avenues to figure out the path to success. But, that can depend on all sorts of factors. From the industry you want to get into to the people you work with, it all has a place in what your success looks like.

Well, what if you want to change what success means to you? Maybe the way you go after success was not as lucrative as you once thought it was. Instead, you wish for something a bit different in life.

While this article can’t force you to do anything about it. Nor can it really define what success is. That being said, for those who want a different form of success, then this article is for you. Below are some ways to reevaluate your priorities and find a different meaning to the word success. Let’s get started!

Financial Stability

Being an entrepreneur means that you are interested in business and making money. Not a bad goal, in fact, many probably spend their whole lives to become a millionaire or even a billionaire. But, that is a tough dream to run after.

Rather than chasing after the dream of being filthy rich, being financially stable is the next best thing. Sure a big mansion, dining with celebrities, and traveling all over the world sounds great, but the chances of that are quite slim.

So instead of trying to fight your way to the top, be financially stable. Imagine having the means to do a lot of what you want, but not as frequently. You don’t have to worry as much about bills, mortgages, payments, and more. Success can look like being able to have what you need and then some. Besides, who doesn’t want to not worry about money for most of their life?

Characters, Values, and Morals

One way to define success is not worrying about monetary values. Rather, instead of being rich and famous, it can be nice to just be nice. Imagine your success as something that can be taught and admired over generations.

Think of your values, your morals, and your character. What are they and how do they interact with the rest of the world? If you are someone who just wants to spread kindness and joy across the world, well that would be quite a success. Then, you leave behind a legacy of success through your character and that can say a lot more than just how much moolah you have.

Things to Remember about Success

Success comes in many forms and at different times in your life. There will be big ones and small ones throughout your experiences.

With that in mind, there are key things to remember about the definition of success. For starters, success is a process. You will not get it right away. Allow yourself the time and energy to get there.

Also, as this article talks about, the meaning of success can change over time for you. So you don’t need to worry about your life successes immediately. Instead, do what makes you happy, you will find your success there.

Success is also not what you do with your job. Success comes in all sorts of forms. Think of other things like:

  • Starting a family
  • Having a hobby that means a lot to you
  • Finally purchasing something that you have wanted for a long time

These kinds of things give you a different sense of success. Success does not require monetary value or how far you get in your career. There is much more to life than just your job.


Success is an age-old question that has no good answer. That’s because everyone has their own answer to it. You don’t need to try and compete with other people with what success is.

Sure it may be fun to think about getting rich one day, but one must think of where they are in life and how feasible their dreams are. Once you figure out who you are and what you can accomplish, then you will start seeing success in different avenues.

At the end of the day, success should be the happiness you get from the choices you make. So no matter how big your successes are or how little, they all matter just the same.

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