Who owns the Washington Post?

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Who owns the Washington Post

Who owns the Washington Post? The Post is currently owned by Nash Holdings, a holding company owned by Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon. Bezos bought The Washington Post for $250 million in 2013, and the newspaper is now being operated independently of Amazon.

Company History

The Washington Post is a prominent American daily newspaper that traces its history back to December 6, 1877. Over the years, the ownership has changed multiple times:

1. Stilson Hutchins (1877-1905):

Stilson Hutchins founded The Washington Post in 1877 and was also the president of the Washington Post Company. In 1889, he sold controlling interest to Frank Hatton, who was the Postmaster General in President Chester A. Arthur’s administration, and Beriah Wilkins, the representative of Ohio in Congress.

2. Frank B. Noyes and Eugene Meyer (1905-1933):

After Wilkins’ death in 1903, the newspaper faced financial difficulties. Eugene Meyer acquired The Washington Post at a bankruptcy auction in 1933 for $825,000. This marked a new era for the newspaper.

3. Katherine Graham (1963-2001):

Philip L. Graham, the son-in-law of Eugene Meyer, took over operations in 1946 and became the president of the Washington Post Company. After Philip’s death in 1963, his wife, Katherine Graham, took charge. Katherine Graham was the publisher of the newspaper from 1969 to 1979 and was the chairwoman of the company from 1973 to 1991.

4. Donald E. Graham (1991-2013):

Katherine Graham’s son, Donald E. Graham, succeeded her as the chairperson and CEO of the Washington Post Company in 1991. Under his leadership, the newspaper transitioned into the digital age, expanding its online presence.

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5. Jeff Bezos (2013-Present):

On October 1, 2013, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos purchased the newspaper through his private investment firm, Nash Holdings, for $250 million. Since then, Bezos is the current owner of The Washington Post. Throughout its history, The Washington Post has become known for its investigative journalism (including the Watergate scandal) and has won multiple Pulitzer Prizes.

The newspaper continues to adapt to the changing landscape of journalism, utilizing digital strategies and investigating vital issues both domestically and internationally.

Who was the original founder?

The Washington Post was founded by Stilson Hutchins on December 6, 1877. Stilson Hutchins was an American newspaper publisher and journalist who was born in Whitefield, New Hampshire, on November 14, 1838. He began his career in journalism working for the Concord Monitor and the Daily Evening Monitor.

Later, he joined the Missouri Republican and the Missouri Democrat newspapers in St. Louis. Hutchins was known for his strong Democratic political views, which eventually led to the creation of the Washington Post.

He started the Washington Post to provide a voice for the Democratic Party in the nation’s capital at a time when the Republican Party dominated the political landscape. The newspaper published its first edition on December 6, 1877, and was a four-page evening daily. Under Hutchins’ leadership, the Washington Post gradually increased its circulation and became an influential publication.

He served as the publisher of the Post until 1889, during which time the newspaper established its strong reputation for political reporting. After leaving the Washington Post, Hutchins continued to be involved in various other publications and enterprises until his death on April 23, 1912.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who currently owns the Washington Post?

The Washington Post is currently owned by Nash Holdings, a holding company owned by Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos.

When did Jeff Bezos acquire the Washington Post?

Jeff Bezos acquired the Washington Post in 2013 through his Nash Holdings company.

What was the purchase price of the Washington Post?

Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post for $250 million.

Who owned the Washington Post before Nash Holdings?

Before Nash Holdings, the Washington Post was owned by the Graham family, who controlled it for most of its history.

Has the ownership affected the newspaper’s editorial independence?

Since Jeff Bezos acquired the Washington Post, the newspaper has maintained its editorial independence, with journalists and editors having full freedom to cover different stories, including those involving Amazon.

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