Why Ferrari Doesn’t Care about Autonomous Vehicles According to the CEO

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Ferrari is a famous car brand beloved throughout the world for its sleek and luxurious designs. It competes with many other manufacturers to create the best possible cars for society. Throughout the years cars have made a variety of changes to them. From touch screens to DVD players, to starting your car with a simple button. There is always so much that can be done to improve or customize a car.

For the well-known Tesla company, it is no different. There is little chance that you have not heard about Elon Musk’s idea to have cars self-drive. Over the course of this car experiment, the self-driving car has been having some issues during testing and out in public. For instance, some problems include the car failing to recognize pedestrians, thus running them over. Or the Tesla would simply catch on fire.

While Musk continues to push for the self-driving car to work, others have their misgivings about the idea. This includes Ferrari.

Just recently, earlier in May, in fact, the CEO of Ferrari Benedetto Vigna was at the Financial Times Future of the Car Summit. There, he was asked if Ferrari was going to work on making luxury electric cars that would need to find software from another business.

“In a cabin, there are four kinds of software. There is performance software, there is comfort software, there is infotainment software, and there is autonomous,” Vigna said, “The last one, we don’t care.”

Ferrari is one of, if not, the largest luxury car manufacturer in the world. It is well-known to keep its production in the company rather in sourcing it somewhere else. Vigna has even said that the visible disinterest in autonomous vehicles has helped the company keep true to its company values and mission.

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Vigna has also said that the company has the software intelligence to make its electric vehicles or EVs. He says that Ferrari has already made crucial relationships with battery creators to create electric vehicles by 2025, just a year and a half from now.

Benedetto Vigna is the current CEO of Ferrari. He claimed the position in September 2021. Vigna seems to be an anti-self-driven car and thus said back in 2022 that the Ferrari company would never build a self-driving car after they already came out with the idea to create an EV. It has been quite clear that Vigna has a clear disdain for the autonomous automobile having also stated, “No customer is going to spend money for the computer in the car to enjoy the drive,”

Back in June 2021 Vigna said to Bloomberg that, “The AI guys had a ride with our test driver. When they got out from a Ferrari they told me, OK Benedetto, our presentation is useless.”

Vigna has made repeated claims about the “soul of the car” during the summit earlier in May. He wants Ferrari to focus on exclusiveness even when moving into the electrical vehicle niche. In fact, Ferrari actually makes a lot fewer cars that are in demand. Ferrari seeks to be a more exclusive and different brand than the rest. Because not just Tesla is working on self-driving cars. Others include Ford and Mercedes-Benz trying to create their version of the vehicle. Because of this, a price war has started in the car industry. This was caused by Tesla’s very own Elon Musk who decided to up production in order to have the largest market share.

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Ferrari prefers to make a vehicle that people want to get behind the wheel of. That has been their goal since day one and have succeeded. While the self-driving car is an interesting idea, it still poses a lot of problems and questions regarding its safety and practicality.

Ferrari has stated that they have no plans to create such a vehicle, but the future is always in motion. That doesn’t mean that Ferrari won’t make it far into the future. There was a time when Ferrari refused the notion of building an SUV. But, they ended up doing it anyway.

Ferrari has larger plans than just some autonomous vehicles. Rather, they plan to launch up to 15 new cars between 2023 and 2026. By 2026, they seek to have vehicles be 60 percent hybrid and all-electric vehicles and 40 percent internal combustion-powered models. By 2030, they home that their cars are 40 percent hybrid, 40 percent all-electric, and 20 percent internal-combustion vehicles.

So, if you are saving up for a brand-new car, you may want to look at Ferrari! They are going to have so many options in the future. You better start saving right this second!

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