Wyo Daycare License Renewed Amidst Security Concerns

by / ⠀News / February 29, 2024
"Daycare License Renewed"

The business license for Kids Kampus Daycare Center in Evansville, Wyo. has been renewed by town officials despite ongoing concerns over its security protocols. The decision came after extensive review and notable improvements to the center’s security measures. Linda Roberts, the center’s director, thanked the officials and pledged continued compliance with all relevant regulations.

These procedures involve concerns, particularly following an event where a child wandered away from the daycare. A mother of two former attendees called for extra safety measures, citing the experience as proof of inadequate safety standards. On the other hand, another parent and security expert petitioned for a complete security overhaul; the move gathered significant support.

Simultaneously, scrutiny was placed on the daycare’s adherence to regulations after a staff member’s child, not registered at the daycare, was found there. Executive Director of the Casper Housing Authority, Kim Summerall-Wright, referred to this incident as an unfortunate oversight. She implied a firmer commitment to following stricter compliance with rules in the future.

Concerns about safety were also raised, including unclear explanations after injuries and lack of emergency protocol adherence. The accused lack of training in first-aid and CPR among staff personnel and a high turnover rate among staff members were also spotlighted by worried parents.

Nevertheless, Summerall-Wright assured that all allegations were thoroughly investigated and resolved. To build trust, various improvements were highlighted, including door alarms during operating hours, mandatory background checks for staff, and strict sign-in and sign-out procedures. Further security enhancements and improvements are also being explored.

Summerall-Wright also highlighted the daycare’s operation as a non-profit training center in compliance with HUD regulations. Despite financial challenges, it aims to provide high standard of early childhood education under its passionate leadership and diligent teamwork.

After considering all aspects, the council approved the daycare’s business license renewal. The center plans to strengthen safety policies, implement a strict pick-up policy, enhance staff ratios, and introduce advanced security systems for better transparency and accountability. Regular parent meetings and workshops are also in the pipeline for an improved sense of community.

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