Young Entrepreneur Opens Artisanal Home Decor Store

by / ⠀News / February 3, 2024
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Ethan Toone, an entrepreneur, at the age of 22 recently launched his home decor store called Graples Home Decor in St. George. His early exposure to the industry through his parents business has undoubtedly influenced this venture.

Customers who visit Graples can expect a range of carefully curated products, including stylish furniture and unique home accessories. Toone gives priority to sourcing items from artisans and sustainable suppliers, which sets Graples apart from similar businesses in the area.

Thanks to Toones experience in the business world and his knowledge of design styles he has been able to bring his vision to life in a designed store. The stores aesthetic reflects his commitment to offering quality, ethical and visually appealing home products. Graples has already received feedback from customers indicating a new chapter in Toones career within the home decor industry.

The idea for Graples was born during a trip to North Carolina where Toone stumbled upon the retail space for his growing business. With speed he set up the store which opened its doors in January with some assistance from his mother.

Toone is fully dedicated, to providing customers with quality products at prices.
His plans also involve expanding the range of products, in the store including furniture and decor pieces in the near future.

The endearing name Graples originated from his mothers childhood mispronunciation of the purple. Her shade. This heartfelt name still resonates within the store creating a sense of comfort every time its mentioned.

Mark your calendars for February 3rd as Graples Home Decor prepares for its opening. This anticipated event will feature a carpet showcase and a plate smashing activity to pay homage to Toones Greek heritage promising to captivate all attendees. Guests will have the opportunity to browse and purchase a selection of home decor pieces that cater to both contemporary tastes.

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Toones vision for Graples Home Decor goes beyond being another store. He envisions it as a space where people can connect find inspiration and foster an inviting atmosphere. From wall art and vases, to furniture the store offers a range of items tailored to satisfy customer preferences ensuring shoppers enjoy an unparalleled home decor experience.

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