Youth prefer in-person social events over dating apps

by / ⠀News / June 12, 2024
"Youthful Social Events"

Young people are increasingly attending in-person social events over using dating apps, recent studies show. Exhaustion from online interactions has driven over 1.5 million towards events such as speed dating and singles mixers. This may reflect a longing for genuine connection after months of digital interactions due to the pandemic.

The shift towards traditional dating methods encourages open communication and direct engagement. Over 2 million people expressed interest in these activities on social platforms. Real-world social events are expected to grow in popularity in the future due to personal satisfaction experienced by attendees.

According to a study by Eventbrite, there was a 42% rise in attendance at singles and dating events from 2022 to 2023. Julia Hartz, CEO of Eventbrite, noted that in-person events around shared hobbies such as paddleboard yoga, kombucha brewing, and backyard beekeeping are particularly popular. This reflects a movement towards genuine connections based on shared interests rather than superficial online encounters.

A survey of 1,000 participants revealed that over half of those engaged in dating find difficulty initiating substantial conversations online.

Youth favoring real-life dating events

In addition, safety is a major concern for online daters, with about 60% admitting having concerns about catfishing and potentially dangerous encounters. Despite these worries, a significant proportion continue to use online platforms due to their convenience and the wider selection.

Younger singles, particularly Gen Z and Millennials, are increasingly moving towards events centered around shared interests. Eventbrite is responding to this trend by developing a platform for users to find dating events aligned with their personal interests. These range from cooking classes and hiking groups to book clubs, and are designed to foster a comfortable environment for meaningful relationships to develop.

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“Swipe fatigue” among young people from regular use of dating apps is also contributing to the shift. A recent lawsuit alleges that dating app Match uses addictive, game-like features more for revenue generation than facilitating relationships. This lawsuit has triggered a debate about the morality and ethics of online dating businesses. The outcome could have significant implications for the future operations of dating apps and sites.

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