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Felix Lloyd and Jordan Lloyd Bookey, co-founders of Zoobean, have revolutionized the curation of children’s literature and multimedia content since they launched in 2013.

With a desire to enhance the manner in which families discover and engage with children’s content, they established a platform designed to assist parents and educators in selecting age-appropriate and stimulating books, apps, and videos for children.

Their relentless passion and unwavering dedication have fueled Zoobean’s growth in the education technology arena, existing today as a key player in children’s education.

Zoobean, which started as a simple “book-of-the-month” initiative, has morphed into a robust software tool for libraries and education platforms, boasting features such as progress tracking and assistance with reading-focused fundraising events.

The children’s media library started on Shark Tank

The education tech firm rose to prominence in 2014, thanks to a $250,000 investment secured from billionaire Mark Cuban during an appearance on “Shark Tank,” in exchange for a 25% stake in the business.

The company later transformed into Beanstack, increasing the resources available for schools and supporting libraries in their efforts to promote reading. It’s made a strong mark, with five billion reading minutes and extending its reach to over 2,500 library networks and 180 school districts.

Beanstack has also proven able to navigate fiscal challenges, leveraging its Cuban connection to intrigue further investors. The company reported an annual revenue of $2.4 million in 2022, which further surged to $5 million in 2023, effectively tripling Cuban’s initial investment.

Felix Lloyd, reflecting on their journey, praises the ongoing support and mentorship of Mark Cuban. Lloyd expresses gratitude for Cuban’s resilient partnership, crediting him with providing insightful guidance through every pitfall and victory.

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