10 Best Apps for Business School Students

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While the days of chalkboards and the Dewey Decimal System are long gone, Business Administration and Management remains the most popular degree in America.  As more wide-eyed scholars begin college or pursue their master’s, the use of technology becomes more apparent.  Instead of textbooks and pencils, we see iPads and laptops.

With this movement set to continue, check out our list of the 10 best apps for business school students.

1.  Wunderlist

Organization and time management are essential for business students.  Wunderlist is a beautiful to-do list app that is available on iOS, Android, Web, Mac and PC.  Don’t let its simplicity fool you; the app packs a punch.  It is customizable, user-friendly and allows for collaboration on tasks.  It’s a great tool to keep track of assignments and due dates, especially for group projects.

2.  Dropbox

Is there anything more terrifying than finishing an assignment and having your computer crash?  Dropbox is the file storage app that could save you from a mental breakdown.  It is a cross-platform app which allows you to safely and securely store all your files in the cloud, giving you access to them on all your devices.  It’s better than e-mailing the file to yourself and more convenient than keeping track of a flash drive, of which I’ve lost three.

3.  Evernote

Classrooms are no longer equipped with manual pencil sharpeners, so note-taking needed to advance.  Enter Evernote.  It’s a free-form note taking app that is available on all devices.  Simply open it up and transcribe everything your professor says, or take a picture of his or her presentation and upload it to the app.  You can also tag notes in order to categorize your subjects more easily.  Evernote also let’s you post notes to social media or share via e-mail (you know, in case you want to help out a friend who missed class).

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4.  Quickbooks

One reason a lot of people do not pursue a business degree is because of the math.  For those brave enough to enter the realm of Accounting and Finance 101, Quickbooks is here to help on both iOS and Android.  Even for a simple group project, Quickbooks will help manage and organize your last-minute falsified financial data, and also provide a great visual representation of where the money is going.  Not only is it superior to Excel but it’s also a great tool to learn for real world application once you graduate.

5.  The Decision App

One of the first learned and most widely used phrases in business school is “SWOT analysis.”  It is designed to make companies and products identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, both internally and throughout the market.  The Decision App helps you grow your strategic thinking skills by allowing you to plot points on a graph and transform them into a visual representation.  The app comes complete with some of the best strategic model templates and allows you to send the finished model as a PDF, picture, or editable document.

6.  Elevatr

One thing you are guaranteed to do while pursuing your degree is write business plans.  The process can be drawn-out and tedious.  Elevatr aims to make it a whole lot easier.  It is a note-taking app that is broken down into business categories such as target market, brand identity, distribution channels and many more.  The app formats information into a simple business plan, making it easy for sharing.  It is a great tool for organizing thoughts, especially for young entrepreneurs.

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7.  Skype

Communication is important in both life and school.  Skype provides a great group messaging system that can keep you in constant contact with classmates, group members, and your family.  The advantage Skype has over group texting is being available across various devices.  Video chats can also be a nice alternative to meeting in person when you have conflicting schedules.

8.  Flipboard

Keeping up to date with what’s happening in the world can sometimes be difficult for bookworms.  Flipboard is a great (and fun) tool for providing news with the flip of your finger.  The Business section on Flipboard is broken into categories including advertising, finance, startups and more.  So there is something for almost every interest or concentration.  Flipboard pulls content from big name outlets such as Business Insider, Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal.

9.  CardMunch

Perhaps the most important skill you will need to learn outside the classroom is networking.  CardMunch is an app that easily turns that stack of business cards in your desk drawer into mobile phone contacts.  Simply snap a picture of the card and the information is automatically stored in your phone.  What makes this app even more useful is the fact that it was purchased by LinkedIn.  So the app also shows you the person’s LinkedIn profile, allowing you to see connections you have in common.  In business, it’s not always what you know but who you know.

10.  Netflix

Hey, everyone needs a study break!  Set down the book, take out your phone or tablet and stream away.  Be warned, Netflix does have the potential to increase procrastination, so be sure to use it responsibly.  In all seriousness, though, there are a number of great business documentaries that are streamed on Netflix.

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