10 Internet Marketing Strategies to Start Today

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So, you want to understand Internet Marketing or you want to improve upon your marketing right now and you have no idea of what you should be focusing on. Well, there is about thousands of other people that think the same way right now and have no idea where to begin. I know that myself I was lost in the world of Internet Marketing before I understood what I should be focusing on to build a healthy business online.

There are times you might get caught up in the flashy squeeze pages that promise you over – night traffic or instant cash for your business. Where in reality you never got any traffic and now you have spent more money on non- profitable products that just sit on your desktop screen staring at you.

But, there is always hope to enhance and build a solid strategy for your marketing online.

You will always hear some expert that states that they have the secret to success but they sometimes just have a product that makes no sense and you won’t understand. What I have collected is a series of tasks and strategies that you should just understand follow through each day to have success with your Internet Marketing.

1. Review Sales Copy

Please look over the different ads and email templates that you put together. Just having a basic three layout design for your ad copy can make you the money that you want.

2. Outsource Day to Day Tasks

If you are working a 9-5 or you just don’t want to do tasks outsource them. Either use Odesk.com or Elance.com Also, I have hired on college students in there last year as well to offer them a job. They work for a less price and you can get more work done.

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3. Running multiple Facebook Ads

To get the responsive traffic you would like do not just run one ad run multiple ads (3 to 4) to see which ones work compared to ones that don’t. Just running one won’t give you the ability to test them properly.

4. Build Incoming Backlinks Not External

To get organic traffic you want to build more internal links than external. You want to have sites linking to you more than you are linking to others.

5. Build A Responsive Email List

Always test your list to make sure that people are opening and clicking on your links. If they are not send out an email and if they don’t respond clean them out.

6. Understand Your Niche

If you are new to a new niche or want to become a master within your niche then study other successful sites. Take one hour a day to learn something new and write about it.

7. Analyze Competition

Go to alexa.com and look at your competitions traffic and ranking. Understand what is making them grow along with what is making them fail and capitalize on it.

8. Good Tracking System

Track your social media success. Use Hootsuite Pro to track your clicks per tweet, likes via your fanpage as well. When you understand where your traffic is coming from you can increase your marketing efforts and grow faster.

9. Understand Operations

You are going to want to know how much it is going to cost you to be an affiliate of a product. So, set aside a budget each month for Ads, SEO, search engine marketing, and outsourcing.

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10. Understand Your Time

Build a schedule for yourself that you follow each day so that you are not at the computer just being busy and not productive. Start at working 2 hours per day of productivity and track your results then enhance your time every other week.

Understanding how to make a set strategy for Internet Marketing is one of the most crucial methods for being successful online. Becoming successful online is not hard you just have to be consistent and set yourself up with a set schedule each day on focusing on Internet Marketing. Test every thing that you are doing and track your results along the way to make it easier on yourself.

Justice Wordlaw IV is an internet entrepreneur in Chicago, Il. He helps companies and entreprenerus gain leads to their business and converts them into sales. He is the author of three ebooks. A huge Starbucks addict and gym junkie.

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