10 Must Watch Business Shows for Entrepreneurs

by / ⠀Startup Advice / November 7, 2011

If you’re going to watch television you might as well learn something or put on something that will get you fired up to make some money.  Check out these 10 Must See Television Shows for Entrepreneurs…

1.) How I Made My Millions

This CNBC show features 12 episodes of everyday people that went from idea to million dollar businesses.  Take Maribeth Sanford for example, who started putting logos on shopping bags with her graphic design skills and now does $40 million per year.  If you want to see the stories of brands like Burt’s Bees and Life Is Good, How I Made My Millions can be seen on a rolling basis on CNBC.

2.) Techstars TV

The Techstars New York incubator program has made it big.  As if getting $18 million in venture funding to date wasn’t enough for this class of startups, now they can be seen across the globe on Bloomberg TV.  Co-hosts David Cohen and David Tisch bring in mentors like Dick Costollo, CEO of Twitter and Tisch is quickly becoming infamous for dropping F-bombs.  See how some of the most promising young tech startups get off the ground.  Check them out Tuesday nights at 9PM ET on Bloomberg.

3.) This Week in Startups

TWiST features interviews with the hottest current tech startups hosted by angel investor and CEO of Malhalo, Jason Calacanis. @Jason is known for speaking his mind and being extremely opinionated and the hour long interviews will teach you to think like an accredited investor/ CEO with exits under your belt.

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4.) The Office

Everyone needs some comic relief once in a while and although the business applications from this NBC comedy are few and far between, it’s something every business person can relate to.

5.) The Apprentice

Watch real estate mogul Donald Trump challenge mainly washed up celebrities to perform under pressure in the business world. Produced by Survivor’s Mark Burnett the show is over dramatized, but there is a lot to be learned about decision making and leadership.

6.) The Rise To The Top

Check out our friend David Siteman Garland, author of Smarter, Faster, Cheaper on his web show The Rise To The Top.  David has interviewed over 250 business people and each show has a strategic lesson in it that you learn from the interviewee, ie: Steal These Ideas: How Diamond Candles Went From 0-40,000 Facebook Fans in 8 Months.  David’s enthusiasm pours through the screen and we love how he chose to keep full control of the show and broadcast on the web only over ABC.

7.) Mixergy

Like The Rise To the Top, Mixergy is a web show that features full length interviews with successful entrepreneurs from the founders of Wikipedia, Kiva and Groupon.  Andrew Warner digs deep into the processes, strategy and tactics behind each of these successful businesses.  Andrew is even experimenting with new media models, giving away his interviews for free and then charging for the valuable archives.

8.) Shark Tank

Want to get inside the minds of cuthroat early stage investors?  Check out the drama on Shark Tank as entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to investors who make a decision on the spot whether or not to fund their business.  Based on the BBC show Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank will keep you entertained with the arrogance of the investors and the ignorance of the entrepreneurs.  Shark Tank gives anyone a good idea into how equity deals are structured and what investors look for.  Fridays at 8PM ET.

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9.) The Big Idea!

While this show has been off the air since 2008 The Big Idea! with Donny Deutsch is a classic.  Donny founded one of the top advertising agencies and brings energy and experience to the screen.  The show brands itself as “Your Toolkit to Success” and brings in entrepreneurs who need to help or who have been successful before and puts them in front of their panel of experts.

10.) How to Make it in America

This HBO hit series produced by Mark Wahlberg is the poor man’s version of Entourage.  While the main characters are hustling to start a fashion line from nothing, even the supporting characters are chasing success in their own subplots.  Not only do you fall in love with Ben and Cam, but New York City becomes a character of it’s own, battling the guys in an awesome entrepreneurial environment.  Tune in to see why it really is true: if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

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