12 Strategic Actions to Ignite Productivity

by / ⠀Startup Advice / November 6, 2012

I wanted to share with you twelve (12) strategic leadership actions I recommend to IGNITE you and your organizations productivity. Notice these are strategic leadership actions which means this is a strategy developed by effective leaders to compliment the action you and your team are already taking.

Strategic Leadership Action #1: Be a strategic thinker and use the power of strategic thinking to identify the needs of your employees during change.

Strategic Leadership Action #2: Develop a Strategic Action Plan for the changes and share it with your employees.  You can also engage your employees in helping develop this plan.

Strategic Leadership Action #3: Engage the power and advice of a business coach, mentor or other outside trusted advisor.

Strategic Leadership Action #4: Display passion in your commitment to the change. You must “walk the talk” and exhibit passion every day.

Strategic Leadership Action #5: Facilitate and celebrate achievements. Leaders need to be engaged in facilitating the change and also be consistent promoters of celebrating the success of achievement throughout the change process.

Strategic Leadership Action #6: Honor and acknowledge everyone’s value to your business. This should be done verbally and in writing. And it should also be done in public and in private, as appropriate.

Strategic Leadership Action #7: Empower each employee to do his or her work and provide everyone with some leadership responsibility over a segment of the change.

Strategic Leadership Action #8: Promote the inclusion, rather than exclusion, of employees so they gain a sense of really belonging to the team and to the company.

Strategic Leadership Action #9: Always focus on achieving measurable goals that will provide proof of accomplishments and will build momentum to reaching the next goal.

Strategic Leadership Action #10: Create an environment that fosters a spirit of “we”  rather than “me.”

Strategic Leadership Action #11: Create performance based compensation systems so employees can “get a piece of the action” and gain a sense of ownership.

Strategic Leadership Action #12: Develop a zero tolerance for an attitude of no commitment or even a weak commitment to agreed upon expectations.

Leaders now know that a titanic mistake has been to focus more on crafting strategy than on implementing it. Every strategy implementation must be unique because every organization is different. Leaders are responsible for guiding staff members to the strategy destination and these 12 strategic actions will help guide you to success.

Author bio: Melissa Krivachek and President Briella Arion

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