12 Tips To Having Your Best Weekend Ever

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We know how hard you work. It’s Friday afternoon and you leave the office, hopeful and optimistic of the infinite possibilities of sleep and fun your weekend offers. But in the blink of an eye you’re back at your desk on Monday morning tired, wondering where your weekend went, what you actually accomplished and wishing you had done something more useful (or at least fun). Here at Fueled, when we’re not developing awesome apps, we’re usually planning our weekends.  Here’s some tips we’ve put together to make sure you get the most out of yours:

1. Sleep.

You may be tempted to just suck it up and accept the week-long caffeine bender you’re about to go on, but don’t. Sleeplessness will catch up to you. Sleep in as late as you can and go to bed as early as you can. You’ll thank yourself Monday morning when your cross-eyed co-worker’s head is bouncing off the desk and your to-do list is adorned with check marks.

2. Stay healthy.

The weekend is your time to let loose. Just remember to take care of yourself for a speedy recovery and your body will thank you after your night on the town. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Water does the body good.

3. Reward yourself.

You’ve had a long week of crunching numbers, meeting with clients and impressing your boss. It’s okay to give yourself a pat on the back and take a breather before you start thinking about the growing stack of papers you get to take care of Monday morning. Relax! Watch a movie, paint your nails and join friends at your local Happy Hour (and for goodness sake, don’t talk about work).

4. Limit mobile and Internet time.

You spend a zillion hours per week connected, checking your email and updating your various mobile applications. Reduce the number of ways you’re exposed to stressors and live in the moment.

5. Make time for someone you love.

Don’t let the ones you love get lost in the shuffle. Plan a special picnic with your hunnie, take the kids to the water park, meet your sister for coffee and laughs. Our human relationships will always serve us in a more rewarding way than our day jobs could ever hope to.

6. Make time for yourself.

You spend enough time running around for other people. Organize a special time for yourself this weekend. Try a new yoga class, explore the Met, draw yourself a hot bath, experiment in the kitchen, update your journal or treat yourself to a massage.

7. Get active.

People who work out have less stress and live happier lives. Sitting in front of a computer screen all day and eating poorly will catch up to you and leave you feeling sluggish. Take a hike, walk the dog around the neighborhood, or have a coworker join you for a cycle through Central Park.

8. Clean it up.

When you’re busy and stressed for time during the week, it’s easiest to eat what’s cheap and convenient. This weekend, clean it up! Whole grains and protein will improve your health, increase your energy and improve your mood. Other stress-busting foods include salmon, almonds and blueberries.

9. Branch Out.

You may have good friends from the office, but try meeting up with a different circle this weekend to avoid work gossip and avoid those “OMG ARE YOU READY FOR NEXT WEEK’S MEETING?!” co-worker conversations.

10. Plan ahead.

Think about what you have going on at home this week, priority tasks at work, leave space for those “oh and can you just do this one more thing?” tasks from your boss, and plan accordingly. Setting practical, attainable goals should be motivating, not overwhelming.

11. Work at work.

Make the most of the time you’re spending in the office so it doesn’t follow you home. If you’re able to Snapchat your friends your ugliest faces and refresh your Twitter timeline more than 10 times, you’re not working the way you need to.  Eliminate hours of wasted time and you won’t have to worry about everything you didn’t do this weekend.

12. Leave last week in the past.

There’s no reason to get your bloomers in a bunch over one client meeting that went poorly yesterday.  Any good boss doesn’t expect perfection and you can’t win them all. Keep doing your best, stay confident in your abilities, figure out where to make improvements and you’ll get ‘em next time.

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Written by Kayla Bibeau of Fueled, a digital product design and development incubator globally recognized for its work in the mobile space. 

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