25 Twitter Chats Every Entrepreneur Must Know

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If you are an entrepreneur one of the premier tools for personal branding and networking we have available to us is Twitter.  One of the best ways to utilize this tool is through online discussions with other people on Twitter surrounding certain topics or hashtags. These interactive Twitter chats are usually question and answer style, where the host asks a question and the attendees answer/discuss.  It’s also common for the host to bring in an industry leader to interview and field questions for attendees as well.

While many of these chats seem similar each have a different feel to them once you participate.  Just like there are many great places to start a business or great events for entrepreneurs that seem similar, there are lots of different Twitter chats.  Go out and figure out where you fit in, learn something and make some new friends to collaborate with.

Check out our list of 25 Twitter Chats Every Entrepreneur Must Know…

1.) #blogchat
Topic: Blogging
Host: @MackCollier
When? Sundays 9PM ET
Why it’s Cool? This is supposed to be the largest Twitter chat on the web and every last week of the month users pick the topic.

2.) #socialmedia
Topic: Social Media
Host: @JasonBreed @marc_meyer
When? Tuesday at 12PM ET.
What’s good?  There is a huge archive of 130+ chats.

3.) #b2bchat
Topic: B2B Marketing Best Practices
Host: @andrewspoeth @b2bento @cuferg @kseniacoffman
When? Thursdays 8PM ET
What’s Cool? This group features its own LinkedIn group exclusive to b2b marketers.

4.) #mmchat
Topic: Marketer Monday
Hosts: @TheSocialCMO @JeffAshcroft
When? Mondays 8PM ET
What’s Smart? Most recent topic: “Would You Join Your Own Community?” Get the chance to meet social media experts from leading firms every week.

5.) #hfchat
Topic: More aimed at Job Seekers, but a great place to look for talent
Hosts: @HireFriday @tombolt @CyndyTrivella @levyrecruits
When? Fridays 12PM ET
What’s Big? HireFriday’s goal is to bring the community to more than a million people by the end of 2011.

6.) #bizforum
Topic: Trending Business Topics
Host: @samfiorella
When? Wednesdays 8PM ET
What’s Awesome? Unlike other chats participants are encouraged to agree or disagree and really get to the root of the issue.  Hashtag also features the question of the day.

7.) #pr20chat
Topic: New Media and Public Relations
Host: @PRtini and @JGoldsborough
When? Tuesdays 8PM ET
What’s Awesome? If you are looking for good blog posts to read on PR, you check #pr20chat even when the chat isn’t going.

8.) #HBRchat
Topic: General Business
Host: @HBRexchange
When? Thursdays 1PM ET
What’s Awesome? The Harvard Business Review’s Facebook Page has over 400k Likes and a great archive of past chats.

9.) #JournChat
Topic: Conversation between journalists, bloggers and PR Pros
Host: @PRSarahEvans @JournChat
When? Mondays 7PM ET
Whats Innovative? This was the first Twitter chat ever and ties together people who sit on opposite sides of the table normally.  Someone needs to start a venture investor / entrepreneur chat.

10.) #PRStudChat
Topic:  No not just for PR studs, for PR Students
Host: @dbreakendridge @valeriesimon
When? Wednesdays 8:30PM ET
Whats Good? This chat features practical real world advice for students and young professionals.  Great for entrepreneurs learning the business.

11.) #U30pro
Topic:  Chat for Under 30 Professionals
Hosts: @DavidSpinks @CubanaLAF @sjhalestorm
When? Thursdays 8PM ET
What’s Good? The fact that they use the acronym U30, this audience is our perfect demographic.  Plus, it was started by two of our favorite people David Spinks and Lauren Fernandez.

12.) #SoGoodChat
Topic:  Social Good
Hosts: @TweetDriveHQ
When? 25th of each month at 9PM ET
Whats Good? This chat host topics for people concerned with social causes.  A great place for entrepreneurs to interact with people looking to make a difference in the world.

13.) #Innochat
Topic:  The what and how of innovation
Hosts: @Renee_Hopkins @Gwen_Ishmael
When? Thursdays 12PM ET
What’s Important? Don’t miss the next chat: Why Don’t Women Start More Companies?

14.) #GenYchat
Topic:  Generational Issues
Host: @GenYChat @WriterChanelle
When? Wednesdays 9PM ET
What’s Interesting?  @GenYchat’s Twitter bio: Evolving the generational debate through discussion between generations X, Y, and Baby Boomers.

15.) #MillennialChat
Topic:  “Millennials chatting with millennials about millennials”
Host: @MillennialChat
When? Tuesdays 3:30PM ET
What We Like?  Anyone can submit an idea to @Willie_Matis for topics to talk about.

16.) #prwebchat
Topic: Public Relations, SEO and Small Business
Host: @PRWeb
When? Every other Thursday 2PM ET
What’s Smart? PR Web is an online news distribution service.  What better way to market your brand then provide a valuable Twitter chat as a resource to potential consumers.

17.) #smallbizchat
Topic: Small Business
Host:  @SmallBizChat and @SmallBizLady
When? Wednesdays 8PM ET
What’s to Love? Melinda does a great job curating her community and is one of our favorite hosts.

18.) #profschat
Topic: Marketing
Host:  @MarketingProfs @MProfsEvents
When?  Fridays 12PM ET
What We Like?   Marketing Profs is a phenomenal resource for young entrepreneurs and is backed by an entire slew of conferences, seminars and events.

19.) #leadershipchat
Topic: Leadership
Host:  @LisaPetrilli and @swoodruff
When?  Tuesdays 8PM ET
What We Like? The last #leadershipchat was co-hosted by Hosted by a Blackhawk Down Army Ranger.

20.) #tchat
Topic: Talent and Culture: What makes a better business and a better place to work.
Hosts: @MeghanMBiro and @KevinWGrossman
When? Wednesdays 7PM ET
What’s Different? This chat includes all areas of HR, recruiting, career coaching, training and development, leadership development, product/service development, business development, ideation and social media.

21.) #connectchat
Topic:  Public Relations
Hosts:  @ProfNet
When? Every other Tuesday 3PM ET
What’s Different? The chat is a ProfNet chat, not a PR Newswire chat. ProfNet may be a PR Newswire company, but this chat runs completely separate from PR Newswire.

22.) #speakchat
Topic: Strategy for Public Speakers
Host: @ProsperityGirl
When? Mondays 9PM ET
What’s Different? This isn’t a regular PR/social media/small biz chat. This chat focuses on a specific topic that all entrepreneurs need to know.

23.) #usguyschat
Topic: Social Media, Marketing, Advertising, PR & Technology
Hosts: @ken_rosen @SMSJoe
When? Mondays 3PM ET
What’s Cool? #usguys is a 24/7 conversation between the growing community that you can just join in anytime.  Otherwise, show up for #usguyschat when the stream is really flowing.

24.) #InternChat
Topic: Internships
Host: @heatherhuhman
When? Tuesdays 7PM ET
What’s Smart? Want to learn best practices for creating successful internships as an entrepreneur? Check it out and scope some talent while you’re there.

25.) #Moneychat
Topic: Personal and Business Finance
Hosts:  @MoneyChatLIVE @DorethiaConner @BenitaTyler
When? Mondays 8PM ET
What’s Different? This chat is all about the dollar signs but speaks in a practical voice.

Matt Wilson is Co-founder of Under30CEO.com and is looking to help every young entrepreneur on the planet.  Follow him on Twitter @MattWilsontv

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