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Does the thought of working in an office with 9-5 working hours just sound plain boring to you? And are you sick of always hearing about the same jobs? If you’re the creative type, you’ll be surprised just how many jobs there are that will put your creativity skills to good use. There are so many creative job opportunities, some of which you probably have never even heard of and not to mention a lot less competitive. So whatever your creative forte might be, whether, for example, you’re a fashion or graphic design student, you’re options aren’t just restricted to becoming the next best ‘fashion buyer’ or ‘website designer’. Here are just some creative career options that might not have crossed your mind before, and may make you realize that your career options are actually greater than you initially thought…


With the popularity of YouTube and video in general, rocketing over recent years, ‘vlogging’ (in other words video blogging) has become somewhat of a thing. A BBC report revealed that more and more of the UK’s younger generation are making what started off being a hobby, into a career. They ‘vlog’ about various topics they are interested in, whether it might be providing watchers with fashion and beauty advice or just general interests. You might be surprised at just how many people want to watch these types of videos, with many vloggers managing to build up a huge network of fans – some in their millions. As these vloggers are so popular with the general public and because people really value their opinion and listen to them, companies want these vloggers to advertise their products. Therefore can find themselves getting paid thousands of pounds for just mentioning a product to their millions of fans.

So if you’re social media obsessed, tech savvy and want to put your creative skills to good use, without spending hours on end filling out job application forms, then perhaps consider vlogging to kick start your career. It’s something that you can start in the comfort of your bedroom, and although it may mean dedicating a lot of hours to social media to bring up your number of fans, before you know it you could be getting paid for something that you love to do!

Landscape Architecture

Everyone’s heard of architecture, but you might be wondering what landscape architecture is. If you want to combine your creative design skills with your love and interest in the environment, then landscape architecture might just be the ideal career for you. As a landscape architect, you will be required to combine your creativity skills with a practical approach and therefore need to be confident in ICT as well as have a sound knowledge with computer aided design programs (CAD) according to Paul Robinson Partnership, a landscape architect in Norfolk.

If this is a career option that appeals to you, then you could find yourself working on big projects in public areas – from parks, housing developments or industrial sites where you will be able to get involved with the design process, as well as planning, creating and managing the project.

Spoonflower Marketplace

Love design and dream of seeing your fabric designs in the flesh? No matter how talented you may be, becoming a successful fabric designer can be pretty tough due to the very competitive market. Well, Spoonflower allows you to get your foot in the door by providing you with the opportunity to design your own fabric, wallpaper, decals and gift wrap. And once you have created your designs, Spoonflower marketplace lets you sell your designs and earn 10% of the sale price when your design is purchased by other people. If your designs are purchased by anyone, Spoonflower will print the product, ship it to the buyer and takes care of any customer service questions that the customer may have. The process is simple, with the website clearly outlining it step by step.  So if you want to quicken up the process of seeing your designs out in the world, Spoonflower is a great starting point. And once you’re designs are out there, you will slowly start to create a name for yourself which could open up a whole new bag of opportunities.

This article was written by Laura Harrison on behalf of Paul Robinson Partnership,  landscape architects in Norfolk. Laura enjoys writing interesting content on a variety of topics, but in particular career and business.

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