3 Reasons Facebook Has Changed Business Forever

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I know I know.  You are sick and tired of hearing people talk about Facebook, or seeing ridiculous status updates hour after hour.

I mean, let’s be real, do people really have to update us that they just had a piece of chicken or are about to go to the bathroom?   People on this site seem to need more attention than the cast of the Jersey Shore.

With that said, as annoying as Facebook can sometimes be for guys like me, it does not take away the tremendous impact that this social media site can have on your business.

These days, if you want to have a well-rounded business that stays leaps ahead of the competition, then having a solid Facebook fan page is the way to go.  Social media is critically important to any business these days, and in fact, will only get bigger as time goes on.

The following are three reasons why Facebook is the ultimate social media site that has changed business forever:

1.  It provides a closer connection to your customers.

Today people can feel a closer connection to your business than ever before.

In the past, if a customer wanted to feel part of a business, or try to keep some form of connection, they could write a letter, or spend hours making phone calls trying to get in touch with someone.

Now, potential customers or existing customers can just log on and interact immediately with the company.  Try to be as hands on and interactive with your company’s Facebook page as possible.  This platform provides a ton of great opportunities to connect with your target audience, and make them feel special.

In addition, it is a great way to keep customers updated with new product announcements, and exciting events that may be occurring.

2.  Fan pages provide tremendous opportunities to create a buzz.

Many companies utilize the power of their Facebook Fan Page to its fullest by creating contests, awarding discounts, and giving people reasons to go ahead and become a fan.

A contest is a great way to create a buzz.  Offering a prize will get people talking and result in fans growing exponentially.  Having coupons or awarding discounts will create the same effect as well.

So always keep in mind the potential that your fan page can have to make a business go viral.  The more buzz you create, the more money you make!

3.  It gives you the “expert status” you need.

This may be the greatest effect of a Facebook fan page.  When people come to a website and see thousands of fans, they start to think, wow, this business is really popular.

This gives off instant credibility.  When people trust a business is when they become loyal customers.

For this reason, new fan acquisition should be high on your social media priority list.  The more fans you have, the more credibility your company will earn, which will have a great psychological effect on potential customers choosing you over another business.

How do you get these fans?  As mentioned above, try to create a buzz and make sure to include Facebook icons on your website.

When all is said and done, Facebook is here to stay.  While many thought at one time it could just be a trend, it appears to have made a permanent imprint that will not go away any time soon, if ever.

So get on the bandwagon and take your business to that next level!  Create a Facebook fan page today and dominate the competition.

Anthony Saladino is the CEO & Co-Founder of the one of the web’s largest kitchen and bathroom cabinet distributors; Kitchen Cabinet Kings.  He was named by CNNMoney as one of the 10 Generation Next Entrepreneurs to watch. Anthony has been written about in About.com and his business advice featured in AOL Jobs, AMEX OPEN Forum and MSN Business on Main among others.  He’s also a contributing writer and member of the Young Entrepreneur Council.  Anthony is particular passionate about the Kitchen Cabinet Kings blog, read by consumers and industry professionals across the nation to gain insights on the kitchen and bathroom industry.

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